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By JasonBrisbane
[img][/img][im[attachment=5]20190104_014117.jpg[/attachment]g][attachment=5]20190104_014117.jpg[/attachment][/img]Hello 5 years ago I started power wheel hunting with my son. We ended up with 45 amazing finds for a total of about $200 and we had fun. Now we have over 500 nerf blasters from vintage to newer this collection is amazing. Anyways we have donated all of our power wheels to the younger kids. EXCEPT one the first one in our collection for $1.oo dollar!!!!!!!

AWESOME!!!!!! working, original, with batteries and charger

When I saw it I was 6 years old again
I was wishing and asking everyone in my family and the man himself SANTA please please I have been good.
I never talked to Santa again because Tommy down the road got one and he was the man for a whole year.

WE got it and I took some pictures sent them to everyone. Then yes I hind it in the rafters like a 6 year old boy and it's time to be a man.

4x4x4 640 powered

Is there anyone looking for one????
Please give us some info or yes
PLEASE share that story
My son thinks I'm crazy because he doesn't even know the legend Big Foot LOL [attachment=5]20190104_014117.jpg[/attachment][attachment=4]20190104_014036.jpg[/attachment][attachment=2]20190104_014036.jpg[/attachment][attachment=5]20190104_014117.jpg[/attachment][attachment=4]20190104_014036.jpg[/attachment][attachment=5]20190104_014117.jpg[/attachment][attachment=3]20190104_014029.jpg[/attachment]

trying to get pictures posted it's dirty more clean pictures coming[attachment=5]20190104_014117.jpg[/attachment][attachment=0]20190104_014012.jpg[/attachment]
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