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By BeefEater
I'm Brian and from Belfast, United Kingdom and father of a 2year old. I have an Audi A3 rideon car that has been successfully modified running 550 motors and gear boxes and fully arduino powered! list of my mods below... hoping to jump from 12v SLA to 18-24v Li-ion soon

Arduino Mega 2560 (Running +1270 lines of code)
Servo Connection Board (For All the crap nest of wires)
2x 12v - 5v 3a Converters (To keep everything running)
Nextion LCD (Custom digital dash)
NRF24 Radio Module (For Custom Nunchuck Controlling)
433mhz Keyfob Module (For Keyfob Parental Controls)
Front and Rear LEDs
Reverse LEDs (Turns on only in Reverse Gear)
Brake LEDs (mounted in spoiler)
Underbody LEDs (with RGB controller and remote)
Bluetooth Radio (reads sd cards also)
2.1 16w Speaker System (Subwoofer and 2 Front Speakers)
Adafruit Mini FX Board (Attached to a Sound Amp powering 2x3w Speakers)
Front and Rear Sonar Sensors (For Collision avoidance)
2x 30000 RPM 550 motors and Gearboxes
2x 12v 9AH SLA batteries (12v 18ah) (Motors)
2x 6v 4.5AH SLA Batteries (12v 4.5ah) (For arduino, Radio, Speakers, FX Board, LCD, Underbody LEDs, Front and Rear LEDs, Reverse LEDs, Brake LEDs, Sonar Sensors,
2x 12v 30a fused Relays (to supply power to the motor drivers directly)
1x 12v arduino relay (to provide power to the coils on the motor relays)
1x 5 bank of 5v relays (for front and rear lights, radio and amp, underbody Lights, reverse and brake lights)
3x rocker switches (radio and amp, front and rear lights, underbody lights)
2x VNH2SP30 Motor Drivers (Modded with big heatsinks and 40mm fans)
PS2 Steering Wheel (return to centre and potetiometer provides Steer By Wire control)
2x Razor Cart XL Pedals (Variable Brake and Throttle)
Key Inginition (Turns the Car on and off)
Spoiler (needed one lol)
Turbo Key Switch (Car's speeds throughout the gears are restricted. this unlocks more power through each gear and full maximum power in gear 3)
2x Akasa 70mm Fans (mounted under the motors)
Custom Nunchuck style RF Controller (running arduino automatically overrides in car control once powered on)
433mhz keyfob (overrides car controls and toggle switches by providing brake lock, lights, radio, underbody lights control)
2x Voltage Sensor (electronics battery voltage monitoring and Motor battery Voltage Monitoring)
Hall sensor (Wheel RPM Sensing)
JX 6221MG Digital Servo Steering (20kg torque!)
custom programming and upload wiring for FX Board, Arduino and Nextion LCD)

think that's everything lol

video of the features..sorry had a cold at the time lol and a video of some j turns!

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