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By RylansDad
My son's first BPRO was a small Lightning McQueen fourwheeler. It was good for him for a while. Nice and safe and slow. For his second birthday, he got this Avigo Wildfire from Grandpa.


It was much bigger and it looked sporty and fast, but much to my and his disappointment, it was exactly as safe and slow as the other quad. I immediately added the battery from the other quad for 12V, and the mod bug bit.

I started with lighting. None of the factory "lights" were functional, and I added the round lights on the bumper. They're the Lemonbest ebay variety, and they're fantastic. Perfect size and plenty bright for his quad. The headlight is a 3w eagle eye. Lights up the chrome housing perfectly and the fit looks like factory.


For the tail, I used a Pilot "quadra strobe" kit from the auto parts store. The strobing attracts a little more attention from behind to keep him safe at night. A little pricey, but super easy to install. The picture doesn't do it justice because it's strobing back and forth.


One of the toggle switches on the left operate his main headlight and tail and one operates the fogs. On the right, the big switch arms the "Nos," and the momentary button on the handlebars operates the 12v/18v relay. I went to 12v with 18v boost, and that's plenty fast for as top heavy as this thing is. Not sure if it would handle 24, but I'd want another driven wheel for that.


I kept the stock battery in place under the seat to operate the stock electronics and for the 18v boost circuit. A 12v12ah battery fits perfectly between the sides of the "engine" and is zip-tied in place. That battery will last for several long rides on this light little quad.


Been running this setup for over a year with no issues. Just on the regular 12v circuit the quad yanks sideways at start because it's only got one driven wheel, and the 18v boost is plenty fast up top. He's about grown out of it now, so this one will pass to baby sister in a year or so.

Hope this is helpful to someone. I couldn't find any information on this quad when I started.
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