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By adamrx7
I built one bad car for my son. Rubber wheels, 1 inch go kart axel, Kelly KDZ controller, Main and reverse contactors, remote cutoff and remote brake, 2- 12 volt 18 ah SLA batteries, LED under car lighting, real go kart steering system.

Here are some videos, I hope you enjoy.
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By adamrx7
Here's a updated video. This car is fast! I enjoy following him in my 48 volt Mini Moto Kart.
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By adamrx7
Some people have been asking me how much money is invested into Addison's Audi R8. And I did not have a solid answer due to me not keeping track of all the prices and such over a four month build. SO I made a list last night and it may not even be complete. but here you go. Total $2145.

Audi R8 - $65 Toys-R-Us
Rubber tires(10 inch)- $35 Harbor Freight
AmpFlow motor (E30-400) - $120 Amazon
(2)Moroso 63401 Brackets - $30 Amazon (motor mounts)
#35 chain (3ft) - $10 Amazon
Koch 7725010 Roller Chain Breaker - $15 Amazon
Small sprocket $25 (1/2inch bore- 10 tooth Tsubaki 35B10FH ) Amazon
Axle (1inch OD and 44inch long) - $70
Bearing kit for axle - $45
Big sprocket (60 tooth Part Number 04-469) - $30
Gear hub (for big sprocket) - $30
(2)Hubs to mount rear tires to axle(part# 2561) - $60
(2)Front hubs -$45
(4)front hub bearings (1/2 inch ID) -$15
Main power disconnect - $25 (Marinco 701) Amazon
Main contactor - $60 @Kelly Controler
Reverse contactor - $100
Brake drum - $30(this is used for remote braking by dad only)
Brake shoe - $20 (this is used for remote braking by dad only)
Torxis Servo i00800 -$320 (this is used for remote braking by dad only)
R/c 2.4 remote and TX - $70 (for dad to stop and kill main power)
BEC - $25 (Battery eliminator circuit to power TX) Amazon
0-5v or 1-4v metal pedal - $35 eBay
3/16 Plate Steel for rear axel/motor/servo mount - $70 local steel shop
(2) 12volt 18 ah batteries ($80 on Amazon, $160 local for both)
Digital votage read out - $15 Amazon
RPM read out $15 Amazon
Resettable Main fuse 150amp - $50 Auto Parts Store
Fuse box - $15 Auto Parts Store
LED under lighting - $25 Amazon
Speed controller(KDZ48200,24V-48V,200A) - $180
Sabrent USB 2.0 to Serial (9-Pin) DB-9 - $12 Amazon
24 volt charger -$30 Amazon
Misc stuff like wire/connectors/heat shrink/switches - $300 (low estimate)


I could of saved money in some places but I feel this car is SAFE and that's the main thing. If I was to do another car it would have a disk brake.
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