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With winter upon us it is time to store the ride-ons and get them out of the middle of the floor. I searched and didn't see a ton of ideas for how you store your MPW's when not in use. Take some pictures and upload them here for everyone. I will build something and will do the same.

By Rob222
Storage racks in the garage for the jeeps. The racks are on wheels so I can move them when needed. This side is where my wife used to park her car - best wife ever.
Jeep_storage_1.png (458.13 KiB) Viewed 2305 times
Jeep_storage_2.png (459.52 KiB) Viewed 2305 times
The other half of the garage, where I used to park, is all the dirtbikes/Razors and quads.
I'm building a shed next summer !
Raycor garage lift, home depot online, $150, 4'x4', cordless drill or hand crank, 300 lb capacity, one bpro ontop one lashing strapped under raised and one on the floor. This thing is a godsend for the attic as I use it like an elevator raised off the attic floor with unistrut. Works out to be a squirrely bench, jeep hard top remover, heavy thing from truck bend lift, and my personal power wheels drive on lift making underside repairs a breeze when strapped to the underside of the platform or to work on it at comfort height. Best $150 spent in a long time.
By 6772owner
I built a simple "stacker" with a free pallet from work and some scrap 2x4's, worked fine when I only had two... Ha Ha

Out of desperation, now having 30, I had to take a bunch of pallets.... 2x6x18's and some 3/8 plywood. Mismeasured, can only fit flip down windshield jeeps on second shelf, and the arctic cat has to go on 3rd shelf. Gosh I wish I could add photos!

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