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'05 Mustang GT clone

PostPosted:Mon May 15, 2017 11:00 am
by TVfuzz
My little guy LOVES his Mustang!!


This is fully RC, using a Mamba Max Pro ESC, Bosch wiper motor, Arduino, and a China controller that took 2 months to get here (ugh).
Sequential tail lights/ brake lights (just like dads), working fogs/headlights. Working side markers. Working [sequential] turn signals (got a three-pole switch on the colum that operates just like a mini signal lever!).

I also put in a working speedometer (analog needle type with LED illumination), and amp-meter for the main two gauges.

I need to get the steering wheel set up with a horn, add a media player, and get some cooler seatbelts than the standard velcro straps.

Re: '05 Mustang GT clone

PostPosted:Mon May 15, 2017 3:17 pm
by Bigmac41288b
What did you use for the front marker/turn lights? I'm in the process of building a white version of the same mustang and haven't figured out a good idea for those front Amber lights. Looks great by the way! Do you have any pictures of the lights at night yet?

Re: '05 Mustang GT clone

PostPosted:Wed May 17, 2017 4:15 pm
by TVfuzz
No pics of the lights yet, I will do a video one of these weekends. The side markers were fun to do.
After I dremmeled out the holes, I used a piece of cardboard to cut up until it matched the curve (just cut the edge until it fit nice). Then I used that as a template and SkillSaw'd a chunk of wood to match it.
Then I laid regular flat reflectors on the wood form, and heated them up slowly with a propane torch one at a time. Once it got kinda soft, I held it down to the wood (taking the pain!) and then stuck it under running water right away.

It's pretty neat. The reflectors don't like to change shape, and you can't get them too hot or they burn, but once that water hits them the LOCK into whatever shape you've forced them in. It's really cool.

For the third brakelight, I just used a regular flat piece. No curve to worry about. Oh, and to hold them in, I just shot it up with a high-temp glue-gun. Holds just fine (salvaged some "L" shaped plastic from some part of the car I hacked off to make brackets for the LEDs behind them).