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Post pictures and Vids of your modifications here.
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By Liteglow

Because I cant upload photo to the forum, I only have 1 picture now.
But I did remove all electronics from the car, added 2x 350W hub motor wheels, 2x 350W brushless speed controller and a 0-5v throttle pedal.

The car can drive a 100kg adult (tested) , not so sure about speed, but around 15-18mph max I guess.
More is possible, but my 4year is fine with the speed it have for the moment.

The car can without any trouble pull me after the grass.
The torque is enormous!

My plan is to add 2 more motor wheels in front and use it as a 4WD on the snow.
She can easy pull some people on a sled after the car :) I will also make snow chains for the tires.


From a standing still start with full throttle, the car does a wheelie the first 5 meters :)

I dont know i anyone else have done this mod before me?

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By Liteglow
Yes it is fast. I reccomend 4+ age.

The build is easy, i removed the electronic from my "hoverboard" with a 10" wheel.
And mounted the board including wheels on the back of the car. Replacing the old wheels and small motors.

Then I use 2x 36V brushless speed Controllers,and a new throttle pedal.
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By Liteglow
There is no mechanical brake.
I use 6 relays to short circuit the 3 fases from each motor, this works like an electric brake.

And so far it still works out fine :)
By dainnerott
Almost every retail electric bike and ebike change pack is recorded at a particular power level, for example, a "500 watt electric trail blazing bicycle" or a "250 watt ebike transformation unit", yet regularly this power rating is deceiving or out and out off-base. The issue is that makers don't utilize similar measures to name their engines, and customers regularly don't comprehend the distinctions.

Watts can be utilized to quantify the immediate power yield (or contribution) of a machine, for example, the electric engine on your ebike. The quantity of watts utilized by an electric engine at any minute equivalent the voltage provided by a battery increased by the flow spilling out of the battery to the engine. So an ebike engine associated with a 24V battery being provided with 10 amps of current would be fueled at 24*10=240 watts. suggested by Harvey Williams senior editor from consumersbase.

As should be obvious, computing the pinnacle intensity of an ebike is basic. You simply increase the voltage of the battery by the most extreme current the ebike can deal with. The most extreme current is dictated by the ebike's controller, and is generally somewhere close to 15-30 amps. An ebike with a 48V battery and a 20 amp pinnacle controller would hypothetically be equipped for an ostensible 960 watts of immediate power.
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