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I just added headlights on my son's Jeep Hurricane. It's actually very amateur but it works.
IMG_0041.JPG (2) (Mobile).JPG
Headlights turned on on Jeep Hurricane
IMG_0041.JPG (2) (Mobile).JPG (17.14 KiB) Viewed 4810 times
I bought a couple 12v LED Mini Spotlights from Harbor Freight ... 95799.html
and connected it to a 12v battery.
IMG_0043.JPG (2) (Mobile).JPG
Battery connection to the LED spotlight cables
IMG_0043.JPG (2) (Mobile).JPG (25.52 KiB) Viewed 4810 times
The spotlights have a cigarette adapter connection and I used electrical tape to tape speaker wires between the adapter and the battery. I have to push the button on the spotlights themselves to turn them on :p (through the 2 holes on the sides) The spotlights don't turn on with power, you push the button once it flashes slowly, second time it flashes faster, then third time it stays one -- I couldn't figure out how I can get it to work with an on/off switch with the power like that :(

Video of the first time we are testing the Jeep on the road: What do you think? Any way I can improve this so that I can connect a switch to turn on/off the lights? Anyone else using these LED Spotlights from Harbor Freight?
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if they run iff one battery then it wouldnt be too hard to run one + wire from the battery to the dash and then to the lights .. a simple auto parts store toggle switch works well and is ment for 12 volts and they only have 2 connectors so there is no chance of wireing them backwords .. the switch goes in line on the + wire
for a better idea of how the more advanced modders do it check out the "pimp it out" section ;)
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I just stopped by Harbor Freight yesterday to pick up some things to modify my first PowerWheels for our son. Using your idea I picked up those same LED spot lights in additon to some 13" penumatic tires, red LED lamps for tail lights, and a pull-out switch to control the lights.

I played around with the spot light and I believe I figured out how to bypass the microprocessor controlling the on/off and flash function. There is a black transistor near the outer edge of the circuit board which is what the microcontroller (the round black epoxy covered item) uses as an electronic "switch" to control the LEDs. Let me confirm this again with the second lamp before you try it but it worked on the first - if you solder a wire accross the two outside leads of this transistor and leave the middle one alone this will cause the LEDs to illuminate as soon as you plug the cig lighter adapter in and the button will not have any effect. This way you can simply wire the main power leads to a swtich on the dash or something to control the lights on/off. I took some pictures that I will post to make it more clear what I am talking about. But here is a link to the datasheet for that transistor to give a better idea of what you're looking for on the board:

Can you show any pictures of how you mounted these lights? I figured I'd remove all of the yellow housing and somehow mount them behind the front panel to shine through. It might need a different front bezel in my case to get it to fit well.

This is my first experience with PowerWheels. About a year ago I saw someone throwing one away at their curb for the large-item disposal pickup. It is an old Barbie Jeep that someone had painted black and silver probably for their son so he didn't have to ride in a pink jeep. It's a little banged up and all the black paint is worn off the wheels so the treads are pink again. The motors are there though and they work. I plan on cleaning it all up, repairing the damaged parts, painting everything seperatly, putting the 13"x4" Harbor Freight white pneumatic tires on it, these LED front lamps, and LED red tail lamps all controlled with a switch, and probably a 12v battery. Hopefully I can get it together fast enough to make a surprise Christmas present for my 2.5 year old son.
I had no idea about this site. I was doing a google search about pneumatic wheel options for PowerWheels and stumbled across it. Looks like some awesome ideas here and alots of nice work! I'm glad I found it.
i used the same lights in my daughters magica and this thread to disable the button and wire them to a regualr switch

viewtopic.php?f=27&t=4077&p=32510&hilit ... led#p32510


they work great
I found that thread about an hour after I made my post. I was feeling so clever until then. :D
I guess the way I figured out to do it allows you to easially revert back to using them as original, just cut the jumper wire...but then why would anyone want to?

That interesting about that alternate design the one guy came across. I just bought mine yesterday and they are the same as the single board design at the top of that thread. I would imagine that would be the later revision as the two-board config would be more labor intensive/expensive.
For what it's worth, here is how I modified those spot lights to function as a simple light. You can see the jumper wire I added across the two outside transistor leads. You also don't need the push button switch wired up anymore.
SpotlightPCB-before.JPG (75.63 KiB) Viewed 4682 times
SpotlightPCB-after.JPG (80.25 KiB) Viewed 4682 times

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