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Post pictures and Vids of your modifications here.
By vinnysdad
I'm not much for words. So, I'll show pictures.

As bought at garage sale, $35.


Son wanted a police truck. Insperation.






18v, 19t. Graphics from, who was inexpensive and easy to deal with. Fusion paint. sho-me flasher. Headlight lenses from welding lens plastic, bent with heat gun. "Projector" headlights from cheap flashlights. Rear lenses from a "lens repair" kit. Leds from and amazon.

TODO: add siern and more leds :lol: paint windows and sag fix.

thanks for looking, glad to join the "cool dad" crowd.
Vinnys dad
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By bruces_eviltwin
im liking the headlight lenses im gonna have to try that, very cool truck nice work!
By mychevy82
That looks pretty cool. I love how you got the decals to match perfectly. Pretty much doing the same thing to my son's truck except it is going to be a Fire Rescue vehicle. I am stuck on the head and tail lights though, if you could please indulge me in how exactly you did that job because it looks great. As for a siren for you, I would recommend this,, just got his in and it works and sounds great. If you end up ordering it from there just select the power wheels option, comes with a bigger speaker and is able to be used on 12V. Only draw back it there is no PA but so far it is the best sounding siren that I have found. Much luck finishing your project.
By vinnysdad
Thanks for the compliments. The truck has drawn more attention than I had expected. Its funny to see full sized cars slow down. Either they resume their previous speed,when they realize what they slowed down for or slow way down to take a closer look.

On to the headlights, I'm more than happy to share any details i can. But I'm not a good writer, It takes me a LONG time to write anything. so here is the lens first and ill try to get lights latter.

Silverado headlight lenses
Trimming the headlight opening on the grill has to be done first, because it is slightly domed and the lens wont sit flat i just left a 1/16 inch
on top and bottom and about 3/8, for the screws, on the sides.

making the headlight lenes

1. peel off the headlight stickers. Carefully, you'll use this as a template. note that it curves because of the shape of
the grill.
2. transfer the sticker on to a thin place of plexi-glass. I used protective lenses for a welding helmet it is .045 thick.
3. trace around sticker slightly larger than sitcker. Remove sticker.
4. Cut out and test fit to grill
5. Next heat and bend the lens using a heat gun. I put the heat gun on a med heat, turn it on and set it on the bench.
that way, I had both hands free. I heated the lens as even as i could on both sides. when it was bendable I used my
gloved hands to bend it a little at a time until it fit. A couple things to add. The plastic will go from flexable to
warped quickly. second, if it isn't bent enough, dont worry. it wil conform a little as you screw it down.
6 carefully drill holes with a SHARP bit and install. I used 5mm screws because I had them laying around
By PW Warehouse
I like your sons chevy. You are starting him out right driving a chevy bowtie.

Very nice job matching,looks very good. :D
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By Legacy 6
Very nice work!!
By vinnysdad
Sorry kinda spaced it. I'm not a good writer. hopefully the pictures will show how i did it. Ask questions if needed


3 pack of Rayovac flashlights. 2 small and 1 large from warmart. $8 i think
2 smaller $2 flashlights. also from walmart
1 Pack of wood shims. The kind used to shim doors or windows when installing them. From home depot $2
4 leds $10ish


some notes

I used 4 shims per side to get everthing level with the "radiator support".
it took some expermation to find the right thickness, so that the flashlight lens didnt hit the grill
A notch was needed for the outer lens.
The bulb holder was glued in the shim base with jb weld.
The threaded portion of the flashlight "handle" needs to be used to secure the lens.
I just used electral tape around the wires below the leds to fit into the refelctor.
took me a couple of hours to figure and make one side and about 15 min to make the other :lol:
channel on bottom bottom for wires.

IMO, once you got the shim base thing down the rest is easy.
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By xPAID4x
Great job! I'm working on making mine a fire truck, I like the way you did the head lights and I think I'm going to try something similar. Thanks for posting.
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