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21t gb's from a mustang? - Check. 24V Esc? - Check. Batteries hidden behind rear bumper for better wheelies? - Check :-D :-D :-D
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By toycrusher
I'm not sure if these things are an addiction, or more of a disease!
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By toycrusher
Sorry, all my projects start in photo shop. Not sure Hoosier makes 16" drag slicks. The front Radio flyer skinnies will be easy to come by but i'm not sure what to use for the rear slicks yet. I'm thinking of using some golf cart tires for the rear.
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By taz11
I can send you some of my used 1/4 midget tires..... :lol: :lol: :lol: Hoosier D10 slicks

They'd be plenty good enough for a PW! I have sizes to fit 6" and 5" dia. rims. 5" to 8" wide
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By toycrusher
I'm VERY interested. Send me some more info or pics :-D
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By taz11
Pics in this tread . I'll grab you some sizes. Tires are free plus shipping. You may have to locate rims. I may have a few odd balls but I'm not sure.

Sizes are circumference X width x rim diameter.

32 x 4.5 x 5
33 x 4.5 x 6
35 x 7.1 x 6
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By toycrusher
When you have a moment would you mind measuring overall height of the tire. I'm really looking for something in the 12"-14" range for the proper "rat-rod" stance. I was looking at Hoosier's web site and it seemed most of their tires were only 10" tall :-(
Those lil jeeps are some of the best PWs available. They're junk stock but with a pair of super 6s and 12V, they're a blast for any kid who will fit in one. They've also got enough clearance to run in grass and are low enough to be stable at "high" speed on pavement. They're also really light and small. My boy's got one and becomes the envy of the kids at the park. It also fits in the front seat of my car with the windshield and roll bar removed.
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By taz11
toycrusher wrote:When you have a moment would you mind measuring overall height of the tire. I'm really looking for something in the 12"-14" range for the proper "rat-rod" stance. I was looking at Hoosier's web site and it seemed most of their tires were only 10" tall :-(

Depends on rim width....usually about 10-11" tall
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By toycrusher
Thanks for the measurement. I'm eyeballing some 13x6.500-6 go kart slicks. Problem is I'm a cheapskate not willing to cough up $40ea not counting wheels. I'm hoping to find a go-kart graveyard online that might sell this size tire/wheel.
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By toycrusher
I got the 21t gearboxes put in. Needed a little trimming but not too bad. I need to turn down some bushings to fit in the gearboxes since they aren't meant for the itty bitty 1/4" axle. Of course it won't really matter because i'll be using 1/2" or bigger axle once I get the actual tires for it. My ESC came in but I haven't yet sourced batteries because I haven't yet decided how to fabricate the rear battery box. It's definitely going to be tight!
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By toycrusher
@Taz - When your bored and have a few minutes, see if you can give me an idea what freight would be for those two 11" tires. I still would prefer 13"-15" rear and 8"-10" "little red wagon" wheels up front, but I could get the same effect with your 11" rears and some 6" or 7" pushmower wheels up front.
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By toycrusher
Thanks. It's a 24v ESC so I either need a pair of 12v's or four 6v's.
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By toycrusher
@Standard Issue - Your right on these lil jeeps. I just put a second 3A gearbox in his "diego" jeep and at 12v it runs about 5mph like his others but it's easier for him to maneuver and "toss around". It still gets stuck in some situations so I'm considering "notching" the center raised ridge on the tires, kinda like the monster traction wheels but hopefully not as rough riding. Of course, I also just picked up a couple junk bigfoots (1997 ford body style) and i'm considering using those wheels and making it 4x4. In the same haul I got a lil F-150 which I believe is supposed to have super 6 motors. I may swap them in for now and go 4x4 when I can find another pair.

I'll have to start a new project page for this one.
Ok, don't bash me on the battery. It was for testing. I have narrow Gruber coming that i'm going to tuck up behind the back bumper.
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By toycrusher
I started my ESC conversion on the dragster. Everybody needs an oops now and then. I cut out the footwell to mount the pedal where the original was but then realized the angle was all wrong. I move it to the floor but I have a big hole to fill. I also shortened the metal pedal and attached the original plastic pedal piece. My batteries are going to be hung under the back bumper so the original battery compartment will hold my LBD-14 and other wiring. Key switch went nicely into the stock "dash panel" but I forgot to take a pic.
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By toycrusher
They look good! Payment has been sent. I think I can fabricate a basic hub that should hold up for the not-so-blistering speeds they should see.
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By toycrusher
Key switch in dash and wire routing through firewall. LBD-14 will be in former battery compartment
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By toycrusher
LBD-14 just barely fits in the compartment. I notched the bottom so the lower mounting tab would poke through and hold it in place.

Ok, she's up and running. Still waiting for bearings for my fabricated hubs to mount the slicks I got from Taz, so I had to go with some F150 jr wheels out back for now. In the pics you can see the custom battery tray I made for behind the seat as well as a simple seat I had made for it too.

It's my boy's first ESC ride so he wasn't aware that you can take off slowly. First thing he did was mash the gas and sure enough, it popped a wheelie, he ended up on his back with the jeep on top of him. Ooops! Wheelie bars just got priority and should be moving from the back of a napkin to reality soon!

Anyway, it spooked him some. He was already doing them with his Whoah Diego Whoah jeep, but to do it on that one he would go full speed reverse, then click the switch into forwards for a nice wheelie. Can't help but cringe each time 'cause I can hear the gears protesting. He ran it a little but even moving half speed it would lift the front when he pushed it harder. After about 2 minutes of that he got out and went back to his Diego.
Battery tray through wheel well
bottom view of battery tray
Gave up on "Radio Flyer" front tires. I kinda like the way it looks on rubber wagon tires. It's not rolling yet but getting close. Still wrestling with rear hub fabrication. Also still looking for the proper wheels for the necessary "wheelie bar"
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Question for Taz - Where do you get inner tubes for these slicks I got from you? Ebay couldn't seem to match the tire size on the sidewall to anything. My hubs are almost ready, just need to be welded together. The tires don't hold air (as you predicted) and I'm not ready to trust my 3yr old with my air compressor so I figure I might as well put tubes in them.
They are tubeless. You can probably get by with a lawn tractor tube for the 4 psi your gonna need in them.
They are so wide I'm a little concerned about the tube bursting, but you have a point, the pressure will stay pretty low. I'll try it.
Wheel hub ready to be welded up. 1/2" bearings inside.
More pics of the wheel hubs. One is done and I'm waiting for some material to finish the other side

Major thanks to Taz for scoring me the wheels and tires!

rollerblade wheels have always seemed to make good wheelie bar wheels for me .. .
awesome build cant wait to see it in action

Don't you just love it? Put a WAAAY too much time and effort into something, and then your kids aren't interested in it??? :x Finding the right adapter bushings to fit the bearings to the axles, both front and rear, has been a nightmare! I ruined a few bearings trying to press bushings into them that ended up a different size than they were spec'd at. :x Anyways, the thing is FINALLY rolling and ready, and my boy won't drive it. He remembers quite clearly it flipping over on top of him during the trial run a few months ago, and he says "no way! I'm not driving it". :x :x :x

24v, 21t gearboxes, roller bearings all around, and I don't even know how fast it is! :x :x :x

Doh! What can you do? :roll: :lol: :lol: :lol:
Oh that's awesome!
Sorry to hear he wasn't interested, but I'm almost certain that was rather short lived...
In the 3 years since, does he still fit? Mine WAS going like a weed, but seems to have halted at 3 1/2-4 1/4 age, since the PW addiction started thank goodness
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