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By Coopz
I bought this pedal car off ebay for $40,cost more in the shipping from the gold coast to newcastle. It sat in the front yard for a year until i thought my son was ready for something a bit more faster.Ebay provided a few 24v scooters (well actually i bought 8) 3 200w razor scooter for $11 and 5 250w E-Raser scooters of which one had a seat ,i use for myself doubling my young bloke on missions into town (also i upgraded to a 24v 20ah lipo pack).
here is a few videos of the ferrarri
another test run with the a older kid in the seat
I had a few issues with the brakes but ended up sorting that out with advice from wesley on the Facebook page.
it was not stopping enough but worked the resisters were the wrong ones so when i put the correct ohm ones in i was happy with the braking.
here is a bigfoot video i made with my son.
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By 66deuce
Looks good! Some clean up on wiring and better welds, you'll be all set.

On welding, although DC isn't really suitable for aluminum, these are well worth the investment if you work with steel, stainless steel and titanium: ... 2352b0667f

Just add bottle, and you're all set to TIG. If you have compressed air, these things are excellent plasma cutters (I've had no trouble up to 1/2" mild steel plate). Obvisouly they're also powerful stick welders. They can't be dialed down quite low enough to run a continuous bead on razor blades, but I've made some beautiful welds on 0.020" stainless steel.

If you want aluminum capability, you can spend a little more for an AC/DC machine.

And no, I'm not a seller of these machines. Just a guy who bought one and has been pretty impressed by it's value. I gave $430 USD for the machine and another $160 USD for the regulator and pedal. I still use my big Snap-On MIG welder for the heavy fab work, but TIG is the only way to go for precision. Not a good close-up, but here you can see where I welded 4 mild steel couplers I machined to 12mm 12 point sockets for the differential out drives on my PW Wrangler build:


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