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By Joshh
Grabbed this on Walmart's Black Friday deal this year for our son. It came 6V with 1 gearbox. I cracked the box open early and checked the chassis to see it was setup for 2 gearboxes, but was just missing the wiring and 2nd gearbox/motor. So onto the internet and I found that Ariachild will ship a gearbox out for right @ $20 including shipping.

To install the 2nd gearbox, you just omit the included spacer for the left side of the vehicle and install the gearbox instead. I grabbed some connectors and reversed polarity to the second motor and everything worked perfectly.

His first ride lasted 5 minutes. Too slow. So on came battery #2 in series for 12V.

Second ride was about 15 minutes. Still too slow. Add battery #3 for 18V.

Third ride lasted until the batteries died. Same with the fourth, fifth, and sixth.

Ride seven got cut short because it started making racket. The right gearbox had the middle gear get too hot, grab the shaft and start spinning it in the housing, melting the housing. So I ordered 2 more gearboxes with plans to prep them before installation to prevent further issues. In the mean time the remaining gearbox got melted in the same fashion.

I pulled the new gearboxes apart, cleaning all factory grease out and the gear pins. I polished the gear pins to a mirror finish, then rebuilt the boxes with Marine grease. He got 6 more rides out of the new boxes and the right box melted again.

So, all-in-all, I'm not sure where to go with this thing now. The speed of these motors at 18V is too much for the gearboxes apparently. Funny, I would have figured it would be the motors but I'm still using the factory motors and they're barely warm when he gets done riding. Any ideas?

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By schwinn
Hi so what did you end up doing? I just got this toy today and see it came with the one 6v gearbox...

How did you end up fitting 2 6v batteries in that tight spot? Let me know curious what configuration worked out.
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