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By jackuk
Hi here is the car I made for my son, I finished Christmas 2015 and as you can see it had 1 or 2 running repairs. It is powered by a 18 volt drill ( I have fitted a forward and reverse in place of the of the trigger switch) The lights horn and dashboard lights are powered separately. The dash is faux leather. I bought a plan on ebay what was a good starting point but have modified it a lot.
IMG_4855 (1024x765) (800x598).jpg
IMG_4855 (1024x765) (800x598).jpg (63.7 KiB) Viewed 1146 times
IMG_4854 (1024x959) (800x749).jpg
IMG_4854 (1024x959) (800x749).jpg (98.64 KiB) Viewed 1146 times
IMG_4853 (1024x765) (800x598).jpg
IMG_4853 (1024x765) (800x598).jpg (61.94 KiB) Viewed 1146 times
IMG_4856 (1024x634) (800x495).jpg
IMG_4856 (1024x634) (800x495).jpg (63.5 KiB) Viewed 1146 times
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By jackuk
Hi, its a mixture i used marine ply for the floor, MDF for the side panels and thin ply for the boot. The hood is plastic bin while the nose cone is fibreglass. Here is the site for the original plans.
The wings are sofit board whicj i formed with a heat cut and template.
By Rob222
The silver one in the video looks pretty cool (the music is awful). Thanks for sharing this.
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By jasncab
Wow this is a pretty cool idea. Completely old/new take on "Power Wheels"

Post a video of him in it?
By 6772owner
Love it, cool build!
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