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By twisterdude1009
Hello All!
Im Back, with a new project. With your guys help on my first ever modified power wheels project, it was a huge hit. The remote controlled police cruiser was great, my son loved it, people complemented us everywhere we went with it and wanted to know where we bought it. Well he outgrew the car sadly, but we had a daughter two months ago and it is being handed down to her! If you remember I picked up a Fire Rescue Jeep at Salvation army for 20 bucks, A steal! Only thing wrong with it was a bad battery, 70 dollars for a new “power wheels battery” pfft, hooked up a 20 amp fuse and a 12v SLA battery and it worked. Well my son couldn’t use it at the time so it went into storage. Well now he is old enough and can steer it and switch gears and everything so it is time to modify it out!

This Post will have several sections and will be as followed
Only Problem-Red
Links of Mod Items-Purple
Bad Wiring Diagram
Bluetooth Speaker Box DIY-Blue

This is where all the edits will be added in this project. All edits in this main post will have Edit and the number in bigger, black, and bold font. The rest of the edit information will be normal font size but it will be bold as well.
[list=1] Edit 1: Fixed Problem with running 6/12 volts to Motors Meant for 14.4 Volts.Place=End of Problem Section
Edit 2: Adding Custom Water Cooling to Motors. Place= Last Section of Main Post
Edit 3: No Longer Building a DIY Bluetooth Speaker. Speakers will be integrated with the Jeep. Place=Bluetooth Speaker Box Section
Edit 4: Gonna Try buying a prefab copper cooler of Ebay. Place= Last Section of Main Post[/list]

For starters Im not going 18 or 24 volt and a ESC with it right now. It is staying stock 12 volts with a a 6 volt turbo If it works out like I plan. The plan is to get two 550 fan cooled motors that run at 14.4 volts. I plan on under powering them at 12 volts with a push button toggle hooked up to a 12 volt 10AH battery that will have a 6 volt step down to provide a temporary boost to 18 volts. My understanding on how this works with the shifter is when it is in high it gives 12 volts to both motors, low and reverse is 6 volts to both motors. If this is how it works and the 550 motors do fine at 12 volts but don’t work well at 6 volts, then my plan is to find a way to wire up a voltage boosters to boost both the 12 volts to 14.4 volts and the 6 volt setting to 12 volts. I hope this won’t be the case, but I have several voltage boosters that work to boost 6-32 volts up to 48 volts with 10amp ratings.
EDIT 1: I found the solution to get more power without having to worry about under volting the motors to the point of them not working. Im gonna go with the Duratrax 550 Size Motor From what I read they are good motors at 12 volts and will be faster then stock with more torque plus they work at 6 volts or 12 volts.[/size]
I will be installing several mods to this Jeep for my son. For all of the mods with a high amp draw I will be using 10/12 gauge copper wiring. Mods with low amperage I will be using 14/16 gauge copper or copper clad wiring. After all parts are ordered and the amp draw amount is figure out a 12 volt battery between 50-100ah will be ordered and mounted in the front.
The first mod is to install a key switch. From the battery on the positive side a main wire will run first to the key switch and then to a 10 outlet power block with bladed fuses as well as red lights that will come on if a fuse pops. This will be placed under the seat paired with a negative terminal block. From the power block there will be a straight connection to the front lights and rear led break lights. The front lights will be 3 inch halo DLR lights and in the back will be regular red leds with 3 bulbs taped together. This will allow the lights to come on automatically when the key is turned.

The first toggle switch will be an On-Off-On toggle switch. The reason for this is as followed.
First on switch will turn on the front LED Cubed Off Road lights as well as the 6 inch led light bar on the brush guard. The second on switch will instead send power to a flasher box that will be connected to the same lights as well as block red and white leds on the back.

The second toggle switch will be an illuminated push button that when pressed will activate the 12 Volt Dual trumpet train horns that will be installed under each front fender. The third toggle switch is built into the 18 inch red and white strobe bar that will be mounted on the front of the jeep.

The jeep will also have a 12 volt Xpirte 200 watt siren kit installed with the speaker location spot undetermined. There will also be a 12 volt 10AH battery located under the seat that will be hooked up to a voltage step down (20Amp max) to 6 volts that will be connected to a toggle switch that will give the jeep a 6 volt turbo boost to the Traxxas Titan 550 Fan cooled motors.
A back lit led battery charge level indicator will display the current charge of the battery. On the back of the jeep in the space between the back of the seat and the edge of the frame there will be a USB charging port, a dc plug that is connected to the 12 volt battery under the seat, and a connection to hook the LED light strip that will be ran under the jeep to control box.

1. Key Switch
2. OLS 10-Way Blade Fuse Box
3. Insulated Battery Power Junction Post Block
4. 3.5" Car LED Fog Light Projector White Cob Angel Eyes Halo Ring DRL
5. X-Haibei Waterproof MARINE BOAT CAR Rocker Switch 12V SPDT ON-OFF-ON
6. Led Light Pods, Eyourlife 18W Fish Eye 4D Lens Flood Beam Off Road Work Light
7. EPAuto 18W 1530lm LED Light Bar Straight Spot Beam
8. Stop-Alert WigWagger 72 LED Electronic Wig Wag Alternating Flasher Relay
9. E Support 12V Car Red LED Momentary Speaker Push Button
10. Zone Tech 12V Dual Trumpet Horn
11. DROK Blue Black-light LCD Battery Capacity Monitor
12. Xprite 8 Tones 200 Watt Emergency Warning Siren Extra Slim Speaker PA System Kit
13. Xprite 18" 16 LED 7 Modes Rooftop Traffic Advisor Emergency Warning Vehicle Strobe Light Bar
14. 12 Volt 10 Ah Rechargeable Battery
15. Titan 21-Turn Fan-Cooled 550 14.4 Volts Motor] Titan 21-Turn Fan-Cooled 550 14.4 Volts Motor

In the above picture I mislabeled it as a 6 volt battery instead of 12 volts.
Bluetooth Speaker DIY
I will be building a Bluetooth speaker that will fit in the back of his power wheels. It will be powered by a 2.1 amp with a pair of 5-1/4 Rockford Fosgate full range speakers, a 8 inch Boss Subwoofer, and a Dayton 8 Inch Passive Radiator. The box will have a LED light strip sound module and a Bluetooth receiver and a dc plug in. This will make it so that when the box is connected to the car it will have pretty decent sound and it will make the light strips underneath the jeep to strobe to the music played through our phone.

EDIT 3:No Longer building a Bluetooth Speaker. I will be building a speaker setup and implementing it into the jeep. What im going to do is get an 8 inch in diameter PVC pipe 18 inches long. Im gonna put an 8 inch sub in one side and the 8 inch passive radiator in the other side. Im then gonna cut a 6 inch hole (one on both sides of the pipe) drop in a 6 inch elbow curve of PVC pipe. Apoxie it into the 8 inch pipe and seal it up. All of the wires are gonna run out the bottom of the pipe (it to will be sealed) and ran to a 4 channel Amp @1000 watts rms total or 250 watts RMS per channel. Hook up the 6 inch speakers to channel 1 and 2, and bridge channels 3 &4 for the subwoofer. Have the amp hooked up to a bluetooth dongle and do a switch hack so I dont have to waste power with a car deck. I will be placing the amp up inside of the hollow of the seat. I will have plywood base for the amp to sit on and a piece in front of it to prevent heat melting the seat plastic.I will be running some temp test to see if this will work and not melt the plastic or catch it on fire. Here is a rough drawing of it Image
Rockford Fosgate P16 Punch 6 Inch Full Range Coaxial Speaker
BOSS Audio CXX8 600 Watt, 8 Inch Subwoofer
Dayton Audio SD215-PR 8" Passive Radiator
SMAKN® TPA3116 2.1CH 2*50W+100W Amp Kit
Minger Music Controller 20 Keys IR Remote Controller Sound Sensor Controller
TaoTronics Portable Wireless Audio Adapter 3.5 mm Stereo Output[/s]

Crunch PX1000.4 Power Amplifier
AUDIOPIPE TS-VR8 8 Inch Subwoofer

As you can see I have a mighty project ahead of me. What are your guys thoughts, ideals, concerns? Give me some ideals I have not though of yet! This will be updated as I order parts with pictures and other info.
Below is a picture of my son in the jeep and then a video of him with lights off the failed police cruiser trailer (to heavy for the car but the jeep pulls it. Future project for a water tank sprayer?!)to make the jeep more fun for him.

New Side Project for the Jeep! Over Kill I KNOW! Water Cooled Motors!
I know this is over kill, but im building this power wheels for my Son who will ride it for hours on end (With the Current 3 Batteries he has killed in one day 20AH-12AH-10AH-2 6V hooked up for 12 V 10AH. Stock everything except for lights and they draw about 1 amp) and keeping the motors cooler couldn't hurt the life of the motors. Im a PC guy and I have a bunch of spare water cooling parts, only thing I will need to buy is ether copper or aluminium pipe and a Temperature Control Switch.

Edit 4:
Im looking at buying two of these for the motor 550/540 copper water tube instead of prefabbing my own if it will work. If it doesnt then back I will have a shop bend some tube for it to fit.
I have a a few rads ranging from 140MM-420MM.
This would be the plan. Cover the motors in thermal paste above the air intake but about a half inch from the frame. Wrap ether copper or aluminium pipe around both motors. Connect input tubing to one motor and then connect the output to the other motor then connect it to the rad and reservoir and bam a closed loop water cooled motors. I would have the temp control switch set to kick on at a certain temp that would then circle the mini pump and have a push pull config on the rad.

  1. Original Fire Rescue Jeep=$20.00 Salvation Army
    Donor Jeep=$20.00 Craigs-List
    12v 20AH Battery $18.00-Amazon (That is with a gift card I won off a YouTube channel worth $25.00)
    Total Invested so far=$58.00
    *All numbers are round to the nearest whole number
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By twisterdude1009
Was browsing Craigslist and dont know how I missed this listing, it was almost two months old and it was for a jeep that has all the same type parts my Fire Rescue Jeep has (It has smaller tires but they fit on the fire rescue jeep and it looks fine) Paid 20 bucks for it and got all of these parts and they all work and will direct fit on the Fire Rescue Jeep
Steering Linkage
Gear Shifter
1.2 Amp Charger
4 Tires(Tires in amazing condition)
2 775 Motors
2 7R (His Jeep had #7 gearboxes and I had planned on buying used 7R gearboxes because they are better)
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By toycrusher
That's quite a project you have planned there! :shock: :lol:
Yea Toy, I think im gonna toss the motor/gb upgrade with WC and build a metal frame for it and go with a 500 watt scooter motor. I dont know yet. I will cross that bridge when I get there =D
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By MikeB
I added some light to my son's Hurricane T3264 which doesn't come with power indicator. I noticed that older models like K7112, N2273, J4394 comes with it and I was trying to get it. But this item is discontinued and I couldn't find it anywhere. I see that you are using some battery power indicator. Would you please let me know which one you are using and where can I get it.
Due to an unexpected finical burden the funds for the project shrank quickly. Due to this issue, I'm putting off this project for one of the two other uni body jeeps I have (find one on the side of the road, faded+dirty, but a battery test and it works!). Im gonna turn the fire rescue jeep into a police jeep and saving a nice chunk of change by taking some parts off the police cruiser.
Here is a little demo of it with all its front lights done except for the brush guard blue and red strobes.
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