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Hi. Purchased Avigo Range Rover Sport 12 Volt Ride On last year and was quite sad when a wheel wasn't spinning, and began troubleshooting. Resolved the issue and quickly learned that my kids (and also me) wouldn't be happy with the stock setup. I proceeded to modify:

Velcro to keep doors closed.
Added a lighted on/off switch instead of simply connecting the wires.
Added a switch (reverse wiring) to allow for two separate power sources. First power source is the stock battery. Alternate power source (I call turbo) goes to 3 NIMH 8.4v RC car batteries (25.2v) - Primarily used to climb the hill in the yard.

As part of modifying the alternate connection, also modified the back panel so it comes in and out with velcro for easy access to the RC batteries, and the connection for charging the stock battery. Will have to post some photos.

Everything works good, but my kids see quite sluggish performance with the stock battery, so the next mod will be to replace the stock 12v with 3 6v for 18v power in the primary power switch position.
Here is the back panel, which was screwed down. I modified it by cutting, and velcroing so I could easily access below (see below photos).

Also a view with the panel removed. Attached an unused kids kitchen tray thing to use as the RC battery compartment. Also routed the primary power source wire here, and used the original fiber connector for easy disconnect and connect to charge. The RC batteries just come out to charge.
I'm hoping you can help me. I have the same car but by Famosa. The Gear box is not available on any website and when I took it apart I see the problem is that the gear that connects the motor to the gearbox is broken. Any ideas how I can get another gear?

You can see the motors here, the silver 8 tooth gear that is on one motor is missing on the other. This is the part I need.


Famusa Feber Range Rover Sport

Gear box
Rel.1360 12-6v

Chengfeng Motor 6v dc
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By Avigo Range Rover
I bought the brake reduction module from ML toys because I upgraded the motors to 550s and increased the batteries to 18v. However, does anybody know which of the 5 wires coming from the pedal i should install it on?

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