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By Gwagon
I bought this Countach for my little boy and it needed a complete makeover... I mean frame off restoration. The Countach was my favorite car when I was a kid. He just turned 18 months and it was time to get his first car ready. Thanks to all of the info on this forum, I was able to work on the wiring and painting without too many problems.
I rewired the whole car with 12 gauge wire, added a 3 speed shifter, fitted a 12V battery and added a key switch. The white interior had to go so I sprayed it black with Rustoleum truck bed liner paint. It seems to be pretty durable and the pro version of the paint is matte instead of a semi gloss finish.
I used a couple of the wiring schematics on this site to guide me when wiring up the key switch and the 3 speed shifter (1,2,R).


lambo pink rear.jpg

lambo pink surfacing.jpg

lambo pink adhesion.jpg

lambo interior painted.jpg

lambo 12V 22ah.jpg

lambo shifter.jpg

Here is the new owner of this car. When he smiles like this, all the effort is worth it.
lambo driver.jpg
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By Gwagon
It was fun learning to prep the plastic before painting. I flame treated the plastic before using adhesion promoter and primer. The paint seems to stick pretty well. Time will tell how well it will hold up. The catalyst left the overspray area pretty sticky for a day. I had the option of using a base coat and then a clear coat or a color mixed in with the clear. I decided to go with the clear mixed into the color to keep it simple. It worked out pretty well. I still have an extra can left over for touchups in the future. The interior was a mix of trunk liner part and SEM trim black. I'm pretty happy with the finishes.

I rewired the main harness with 12 Gauge and made sub harnesses like the one shown below. The super six motors are wired up to run at 12V and the shifter has 3 positions (1. 12V in series, 2. 12V parallel, and 3. reverse in 12v Series)

I was worried that the LED panels would not be bright enough but was I wrong. They are blindingly bright.

PPG 2K paint.jpg
custom mixed car paint put into spray cans

lambo dash.jpg
key switch, volt meter and usb outlet added

lambo key switch and gauge wiring.jpg
relays and wiring harness

led tail.jpg

led head close.jpg

led tail lights.jpg

side view.jpg

led headlights.jpg

light test.jpg
those led panels are bright
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By Gwagon
My company needed a laser cutter for prototyping purposes so we picked one up. We have been having fun cutting out lenses for the car. I used a combination of raster engraving and vector cutting to get the acrylic lenses to look more realistic and dimensional. We are quite pleased with the results.

laser cut lenses.jpg
we put our new laser cutter at work to use

laser cut tail lens.jpg
glued up acrylic pieces

taillight lens install.jpg
screwing the lens on

headlights complete.jpg
laser engraved detail lines

tailights complete.jpg
we like the look of the taillights

Just a few small details left.
• custom baby seat is being 3D printed now. My 19 month old is not tall enough to reach the pedal if he sits back so he needs a seat that is more forward.
• mirrors housings need to be painted black and mirrored acrylic cut to the correct shape
• custom license plate
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