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Finally time for my first project. Little tykes Hummer h2

Posted: Sun Jan 07, 2018 6:29 pm
by Afton.C
So after getting my son one of the green off road 4 wheel drive Jeep's he's been hooked, as have I as well. So I picked up the Hummer today for 45$ looks brand new and was given all paperwork for it when it was bought brand new 5 months ago. The Hummer is like brand new in every way but after letting my son drive it today he was rather disappointed with how easily it was getting stuck with the small tires. Our back yard is 3 acres of trails I've built and cut just for him and his toys. And this evening my neighbor came over as he seen me unloading another pw and tells me he has a old four Suzuki 450 r racer pw out back I could have as a parts vehicle if I had any use for it. Well as I drug it home the ideas just started coming. So any one who has experience with the little tykes Hummer h2 I would appreciate any info on it good or bad. Thanks k you and will post pictures soon.