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Long time lurker first time poster!!!

I have about 4 power wheels kicking around, and a bike I have have to find more information on...


I purchased the East Coast Power up kit way back in .... August?? of 2017 and i have mixed first impressions

The packing is very well done, and the fact he includes a packing list!!! Awesome.
A few of the pins were bent on the solenoid, but that's minor and easily straightened.
A memo for the instructions refers to the website for the most up to date info.

Cons - NONE OF WHICH ARE East Coast Power Up fault!!!
Price -As i am in Kanuckistain, the conversion automatically jacked the price up. Expected
Shipping -As above
!@#!@!@% Duties -About 1/3 of the overall price including shipping... was not expecting that much of a hit....
( If your reading this and are perhaps interested in having a supplier in Canada PM me, I have 3 more to do if this goes right)

I also have this handy soldering "machine" so i plan on creating solid connections on everything. Both my kids are rough on equipment and I don't plan on doing too many field repairs.

I would throw in a few pics, but I keep getting a file too large issue... even after compressing below 500kb... maybe I need to pad my posts a bit...

I'd love to see pics of this thing. Keep trying to resize or drop resolution.
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