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By Racer X
First I want to thank the Entire Project Forum for all of your help with this project (wiring, decals, the confidence that I could do it,… the works). Nothing ground breaking to add (sorry guys) just my own version of what has already been tried, test and shown to be true.

I know TurboKev got a lot of his wiring approach from others as well, but I used what I consider his wiring layout (3 6volt batteries, charging terminals on opposite sides, 3 toggle switches to control charging/running, and a 12 volt tap for accessories -- works like a charm once I figured out a few minor things I had done wrong). Because it is basically his implemented concepts that I am using I did not include any under the hood pictures because by now you have probably seen it and if you are going to copy it I would head to the source.

The car started as a Red Mustang GTO (first generation)
ProjectMustang01.jpg (32.13 KiB) Viewed 12661 times
ProjectMustang02.jpg (29.74 KiB) Viewed 12661 times
ProjectMustang03.jpg (23.05 KiB) Viewed 12661 times
ProjectMustang04.jpg (25.89 KiB) Viewed 12661 times

and from it I created my version of Eleanor from “Gone in 60 second” (I have not spotted one on this forum yet so I thought I would not be stepping on anyone’s toes if I built one).
EleanorMustang01.jpg (46.43 KiB) Viewed 12661 times
EleanorMustang02.jpg (36.25 KiB) Viewed 12661 times
EleanorMustang04.jpg (37.1 KiB) Viewed 12661 times
EleanorMustang05.jpg (35.05 KiB) Viewed 12661 times
EleanorMustang08.jpg (35.66 KiB) Viewed 12661 times

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By Racer X

I like how the paint job turned out, but I do wish I would have put some Bondo in a couple of spots. Everyone who sees it is amazed, but all I see are the extremely obvious and hard to miss flaws. I did need to get this one done in time for Christmas, but the difference a little Bondo would have made in the final results would have been worth a few more hours of missed sleep (a lesson learned, and a warning to those who think they are in a really big hurry -- slow down and do it right).

F E A T U R E S :
1. Working DVD Player, USB and Audio in jack
2. A pair of 4-way 6x9 speakers
3. Headlights, Fog Lights and Rear Lights (thanks again Kev)
4. Working Dash Board Lights and Sounds
5. Of Course 18 volts for the car, with a 12 volt tap.

How did I get the Dash lights and sounds to work without the original radio? Well I purchased a second Mustang after I started this build and while the stock radio worked fine it was a cosmetic disaster. So since I had the spare radio from the project car I just switched the two and mounted the ugly duck radio under the hood. So now I can connect the dash LED’s to it and keep all of the cool engine sounds, while still having a real fully working car radio (sweet!!).

Another big thanks to HotWheels for the inspiration to add a radio. Laughs – No I did not loose my mind in regards to cost of putting in a DVD player into a toy car. Wal-Mart had two different models that were on clearance. Both were under $100 and the one I got only cost $80. The radio I was originally going to put in was a store display/box opened/demo unit for $60 at Best Buy, so I figured for another $20 I could add a DVD player and really make the system stand out (I am pretty sure no other kid in our town will have a DVD player for some time) . I am very glad I went that route (big smile). My grandson’s all loved it (it was a big hit on Christmas day), but more importantly my wife loved it. It’s moments like this that are really starting to get her on board with the entire “Ride-On Thing” (which is good for our marriage – smile).

Words of warning for anyone looking to mount a real radio: Get round speakers, keep them under 6 inches and if they have a slim profile model in a decent price range they are worth paying a little more for. I know it is hard to see but there is a black ring between the silver grill covers of the speakers and the car. The black rings are spacers that I had to add in order to move the speakers far enough out so the magnets would fit inside the fire wall.
EleanorMustang10.jpg (38.13 KiB) Viewed 12660 times
EleanorMustang11.jpg (47.21 KiB) Viewed 12660 times

Using a slim line speaker smaller than 6x9 would have saved me hours of work easily (cutting, sanding and painting and lining up the screw holes in the space). Also the 6x9’s barely fit (a really tight squeeze – trust me, just go smaller). The antenna also from Wal-Mart and I think it is perfect for our applications. It is a black (goes with any color scheme) rubber (bends and does not break) antenna and is only about 8 inches long. It looks like it was designed to be on the car (check out one of the photo’s from the rear to get a good look at it --- it’s on the left/driver side).
EleanorMustang06.jpg (36.41 KiB) Viewed 12660 times
EleanorMustang07.jpg (39.93 KiB) Viewed 12660 times
EleanorMustang09.jpg (38.23 KiB) Viewed 12660 times

It gets good reception, but my grandkids where always listening to MP3 files from the SD card (yes, a SD and USB drive come on the radio) or a DVD so I doubt they will every notice or care that there is a working radio in the car.

Overall I like the finished product and I learned a ton that I will use on my next build (this is the first time I have touched the original electrical system or added any additional electronics’). Another word of advice to a newbie,…. Don’t try to do everything on your first build. First learn how to use Bondo, then just paint a car or two. Next add more speed or reverse the process and do speed first. The point is you will do a better job if you take your time, tackle one or two things and really understand what you are doing instead of trying to do it all at once and getting in over your head.

Happy Holiday’s

Racer X
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By Racer X
Thanks Guys,

On the second Mustang I have in the garage now I am not sure if I will go 18 volts again. I might leave the power system stock, but throw in an extra battery in the back for accessories, and this time do a little more body work (that part scares me a little because I have never worked with Bondo). I like how Defensive Wound cut out his license plate and added a custom grill. I know I want to tackle that on the next project. In addition I would love to add some type of ground effects look. I am not completely sure how to achieve it yet so I am still cruising the net for some ideas.

I also need to come up with another color scheme and I am going to try to collect some photo's for that as well (I want this one to look like it is going 100 mph even when it is sitting still). I would like to get started in a couple of weeks so that they are both ready to go in the spring. I had to build Eleanor as a "Top Secret" project because my wife thinks I spend way to much time fooling around with Power Wheels. But now that she has fallen in love with our Gaucho's (three) and really likes everything about Eleanor I think I can be a little more open with my time on this next build so it should go a little faster (hard to squeeze all my task in between her trips to the store and her mothers).

I will also try to do a better job posting information about the entire project this time (again, couldn't spare the time taking pictures and making notes -- was spending all of my alone time actually working on the car --- Have you ever tried to hide a power wheel project, especially during the painting process? That is the part I really should have taken notes on and shared with the group [laughs]).

Racer X
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By Racer X
Thanks for the comments on the seats :D .

I struggled with doing it or not for a while. It took some extra time taping them off, but I really like the results (glad to see no one has stated that they think they are an eye soar, distraction or over done). I am looking for feedback on them (good and bad) so I can get a feel to see if I should add them to my next Mustang or not.

Racer X
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By blake711
the seats were one of the first things I noticed. I personally think the look great.
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By jparthum
Excellent job on the project and write-up, Racer X! 8-)
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By Racer X
Now my life as a PW guy is complete --- DefensiveWound approves (I truly think that you and TubroKev are the kings of all things Mustang so it means a lot that you think it turned out ok).

Like you, I have always hated those wheels and looked everywhere for a Chrome set of the five spokes and could not find any (by the way does anyone know of a supplier that carries them --- IN CHROME?). I finally settled on the new ones and was surprise when I put it all back together at how well they looked on the car (who knew).

Thanks again for the comments, but trust me you should take a lot of the credit yourself as I have borrowed heavily from your work.

Racer X
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By pegperegooooo
Good job! My wife likes it and that's saying something.
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By Racer X
Hey Hotwheel80,

I do have a set of tires and the rims somewhere (the rims are five spokes, but the chrome is in bad shape). I would sell you the full set for $38 shipped (four tires -- they are worn [$16] and four rims ($8),... no hub caps, Shipping $14).

What else do you need? Did you find an antenna? I have a spare (brand new in the package $11 shipped).

Racer X
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By Racer X
I can't help you with the exhaust pipes (I had to buy two of those from another member myself). I will try to take a couple of pictures of the back tires and to give you an idea of the shape. I can get you a picture of the best of the four hub caps as well. As for the center cap, I may have one of the old and new style (no promises). I will try to get an email out to you late tonight or early tomorrow morning.

Racer X
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By Racer X
I have had a couple people ask me about the radio install so I thought I would post some information about it here.

P R E P :
I cut two pieces of wood to use as spacers. They are the length of the radio opening and as deep as the original radio spot. I also used the metal frame for the radio in a slightly different fashion than what the manufacture intended.

* The Front edge of both wood pieces were painted black.
* The larger front piece was cut at a slight angle to help ease in sliding the radio in (it made it easier to line up the radio and metal bracket later. It was a major pain and while it made life easier it was not really neccessary.
RadioInstall01.jpg (38.03 KiB) Viewed 12497 times
RadioInstall02.jpg (32.06 KiB) Viewed 12497 times

I N S T A L L A T I O N :
I cut an opening in the back end of the original radio support just big enough for the radio to fit through. Then I took the metal radio cage and put it through the opening making sure that the lip which surrounds the cage caught the edge of the plastic radio support at the top and bottom (see picture). In essences this extended the area of support for the radio and it helped help to remove any slouch/play in the radio.
RadioInstall03.jpg (33.54 KiB) Viewed 12497 times

Because there is no play in the radio it does not move at all once it is installed.
* Note how the larger piece of wood stops just above the metal. that is because of the angle cut I spoke of earlier (This allowed me to move the radio slightly up as I tried to slide it into the Metal. Without the angle, the cut and placement of the Metal suport would need to be much more exact).
RadioInstall04.jpg (39.01 KiB) Viewed 12497 times
RadioInstall.jpg (54.7 KiB) Viewed 12450 times

This set up looks nice, is functional and was very easy and straight forward to do.
EleanorMustang11.jpg (47.21 KiB) Viewed 12497 times
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By chozian
This Mustang is amazing! Excellent job! I can't let my wife see stuff like this because she'd probably expect me to start caring more about the cosmetic aspect of our ride-on vehicles. I admire those who have the patience to make a ride on vehicle look anywhere close to this good.
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By Racer X
What I did really wasn't that big of a deal (well the seats required a lot of taping). I only did a little sanding of some of the surface scratches. I really wish I would have added some Bondo to help smooth out a few spots -- I see all of the blemishes in the paint and just cringe about it now.

As long as you have a nice area to work in painting is probably the easiest part of a rebuild. Trust me, with a spray can and several light coats you could easily get the same results. But don't settle for the same, put a little effort into it and get amazing results (Bondo and sanding between every two coats and it will look like a showroom new car,... don't forget to add a couple of coats of clear to protect your master piece).

Racer X
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By Racer X
Ok HotWheels80,

I pulled out the best two tires. They do have a little bit of thread left (the other two are bald). They will get you on the road, especially if you put them in the front, but eventually you will need a new set.
RightLeftTires.jpg (61.45 KiB) Viewed 12449 times
I also found all four Rims (they are all badly scratched so in my world they are a pick 'em). I also found the one five star Center cap.
ChromeRimsCenterCap.jpg (75.61 KiB) Viewed 12449 times
Let me know what you want to do (I am shipping may be a dollar or two less because I was figuring the sized based on four tires and not two).

Racer X
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By Racer X
Center Cap,

If you llook earlier in the thread HotWheel80 asked me about it. I want to give him until at least tomorrow to see the post before I would go in another direction with it.

Racer X
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By Racer X
No Clue,

I trust that you are good for the money so you can set a shipping limit. I will box everything up, take it to the post office and see what they charge. If it is under your limit I will ship and give you a total payment amount (you will pay the actual shipping charge that shows up on your package plus $80 for a tracking number). If it is over your limit I won't ship and you have nothing to worry about.

Let me know what your limit would be and if you want me to send everything or not (I will need a full address as well).

My email and paypal account are:
csteward AT c3delivers DOT com

sorry for the code but it keeps web crawlers from my finding my listed email address as quickly (AT = @, DOT = .)
By elcontrario50
Great job, on your build... Thanks for the heads up on this site, i am wondering if i should post up my sons Eleanor Mustang here now with it's new custom rims and steering wheel.... Well i see you made some changes and a few mods..reallly nice...once again GREAT Job..
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By Racer X
Hey Elcontrario50,

I had stopped watching this thread so I hadn't noticed your post.

To the group, if you do a search on YouTube for an Eleanor Power Wheels Mustang you will most like see elcontrario50 work. He helped me out a lot in getting the real Eleanor colors from a paint suppiler. I sent him a link to the project so he could see how my Mustang turned out. His work is almost unfair to compare to mine because I think he is a professional body/paint man (ringer). The paint job on his car was flawless.

Elcontrario50 -- The last time I talked to you I thought you were starting another project for your son? Did you ever decided what you were going to build?

Also, if the forum appears a little thin to you (in regards to information and projects), it is because the Administrators just completed a site change over. If you head over to the old site where everything is archived you can see a ton of projects. Right now there are three builders who are starting to take the next step with their work so these are very exciting times. Feel free to jump in and ask questions or offer adivce (take a look at the painting and lighting links and see if their is anything you want to add there ).

I am glad to see you joined,..... welcome on board and keep us informed on your next build.

Racer X
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By Racer X
chevyboy561 wrote:what size battery do you use for the radio and how long does it last???
The car runs on three 6 volt battery's. I have a accessory tap that comes off after the first two battery's are connected in the series (12volts).

The car has never actually moved. It is just sitting in our dinning room with no power going to the motors (I do not have enough room in my garage to add it to the fleet at this time). The kids just sit in it and watch DVD's when they are not in the mode to join in with whatever the rest of the family is doing (kind of like their own private drive in).

They typically run it between 1 and 2 hours (including the LED lights being on) and it has never shut off on them due to a lack of power. When I charge the battery it is typically hoovering around a 25% charge. My guess is that they could run it four about three or 4 hours (based on my laptop usage I am guessing that spinning the DVD drive is the main drain on the system). The head unit does have a radio and plays MP3 files. The battery wold last much longer if I pulled the DVD out and only used the radio or MP3 files (no movingt parts).

If you look at my "Honey B" thread you will see I am running the same head unit, but that I get all of the power from a 12 volt accessory battery (my recommendation).

Racer X
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By Racer X
Hmmm,.... just realized you probably meant Amp hours. They are either 7 or 12 amp hours (they are pretty much all i use). Each 6 volt has the same amp hours.

Racer X
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By Racer X
Laughs - Money,...... Shhhh,... My wife thinks that they are built for next to nothing and I need to keep her thinking that way (smile).

Seriously, the first one (Eleanor) cost a lot because of the paint I used (Automotive,... great finish, durable, have not had a single chip,..... with all that said it was no were near worth it) and the radio I installed. Everything else was pretty resoanable. I put it all back together -- excluding the paint and radio (including new tires, rims, speakers and lights, toggles, stickers, etc for under $100 -- not bad for something original that no kid in our neighborhood has).

The second one got a little crazy because I added a lot of gadets (NOS, Brake lights, Subwoofer and passive amp). I also paid a little more for the donor car, so all in I was probably gettting close to $170 (excluding the radio, but including the paint this time).

The key is to find a good donor car (low price, with the least amount of work that needs to be done). Go to craigslist and you can usually find a radio for $20 (CD player, AM, FM) or stop in at whatever your big box electronic store is and check for Box opened/Demo/Returned items if you want a cheap radio with more features. Excluding the price of the car, you could build something really nice that will stand out for under $75 dollars (may take a little while to collect everything but you would get there -- I will sell you a used CD Player right now for $15.00 plus shipping, go to Wal-mart and you can get a 2 way set of speakers for under $30. You just need to add ligths (toggle and LED's under $10 if you are willing to wire the LED's yourself) and paint (two or three cans for the car, a can for stripes and two cans of clear $20). $75 dollars, everything off the shelf, no waiting. Just think what you could save if you found a set of speakers on craiglist for $10, had a toggle switch laying around and did not need to paint the car),..... hmmmm (smile).

Good Luck, feel free to ask any questions, but know that there are people way stronger at this stuff than me on here.

Racer X
By Logan's Pop
Two questions as I picked up two badly beaten rides lately. First, you mention Bondo, will that stick to the plastic? I have been filling in some minor imperfections with Epoxy, which is a pain and will become expensive quickly. My other question is, has anyone considered mounting the small wipers high end cars have for their headlights on your powerwheels (I think the size would be just right for the windshield?) Not sure what everyone thinks about how it would look, difficulty to mount, and/or worth the price. Look forward to replies. By the way, LOVE the Mustang. Very well done.
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By Racer X
Wow, I know this reply is a long time coming (I have had a lot of things going on at work and trying to get a new business venture off the ground). To answer your question (which I am sure you have figured out by now), YES,... you can use Bondo and it will stick. Keep in mind that your car is plastic and will flex if enough force is applied to it. If enough push/pull force is place on it, the Bondo will crack (and may faill off completely) so do not try to build something structural with it, but a little Bondo to fill in a crack will work out just fine.

Something else that others have been doing is using a heat gun to remove minor scratches and in some cases return some of the color back to a sun faded ride.

Again, sorry about the late reply (I know it probably doesn't help you now), but I wanted to post the answer for anyone reading the thread in the future.

Racer X
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By Racer X
gwinnythepooh wrote:The paint on this is amazing!

It's automotive paint. It is the best and most durable finish I have ever achieved, but it is also about 5 times as much as plastic paint. If it is something you plan to keep and never change again you may want to consider it (hmmm,... naw, still to much cash), but if you think you may flip it down the road or paint it again I wouldn't even consider it.

Racer X
By footballmac
Racer X wrote:
gwinnythepooh wrote:The paint on this is amazing!

It's automotive paint. It is the best and most durable finish I have ever achieved, but it is also about 5 times as much as plastic paint. If it is something you plan to keep and never change again you may want to consider it (hmmm,... naw, still to much cash), but if you think you may flip it down the road or paint it again I wouldn't even consider it.

Racer X
What type of paint did you buy (brand and type "automotive") that you used on plastic...
I am getting ready to restore a Fire Engine and I want it to look this nice! And if it would be easier than the plastic paint I would gladly pay the price..

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By Racer X
I got the paint from

They are one of a handful of places that will put the paint you select in an aersol can. If you are going to use a Air Pressure painter then you can go to any place. I would check at your local body builder shop if the color you want to use is popular. The reason why is because they may have some spare paint available that they would sell you cheap.

Racer X
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By modmom32
I love mustangs!!! this is a great color scheme.. nice clean and looks mean as hell. The elinor part confused me at first but i get it now...slick
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By Racer X
To me,.... For modding,.... Mustangs are the best (out of the box I prefer the Gaucho's). Look at my signature line and check out my "Honey Bee" Mustang, but there are several other older builds on the Mustang platform that also turned out awesome (see TruboKev, Defensive Wound, HotWheels80 and several others who did some really nice things with their Mustangs).

Racer X
By Jett
By any chance, do you have the original old Mustang wheel covers / hub caps from when the Mustang was red in color. They look like Cragar rims? If so, I would really like to purchase them.

Thanks for your time in this matter.


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