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So I have been on the forum here and there and figured I'd post my project my daughter wanted me to build her. For Christmas I restored a Lightning McQueen for my middle son and fixed a broken Princess Carriage I found cheap for my daughter. As much as she liked the 24v carriage, she wanted a race car like her brother had...of course. I love my Craigslist buys and building these things so kept an eye out for a race car. I came across a Home Depot Nascar PW that didn't run for $20 on CR and picked it up the same night I saw the add. I sat down with my daughter and typed in "orange race cars" in Google to see what she might like and she instantly picked the Veilside Fortune RX7 from fast and furious Tokyo drift....oh boy! Well, up for a challenge, I started the project and think it is coming along well. Not finished yet as I need to build some additional body panels and took some short cuts to complete certain things in time for a weekend of use so she can enjoy it as it progresses. Then when I get time I can come back and change/add certain things later. All in all in, I'm happy with the results so far and she is extactic. Hope you all like the pics.

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Here is a pic of the original car and some pics of the tear down and body work I did to the rear. I cut off the rear wing and plastic welded it back together for a smoother look rear that I can build a wing for later like the one on the Veilside car.
Original Nascar
Decals stripped and cracks plastic welded tog
Gutted most of the car.
Cut off wing area.
Plastic welded back together.
Body filler applied.
Sanded smooth.
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Rest of the pics to date, paint, carbon fiber wrap, etc.
Hopefully will have time soon to build the extended body panels, add the electric turbo and mock intercooler and finish building the custom deep dish wheels I'm experimenting with. Of course I'm building a Jeep Hurricane and a Peg Pergeo Gaucho at the same time as this plus a couple other projects so who knows. Never enough time.
So far not a bad likeness but have some morr work to do yet like the widebody with carbon fiber door inserts, bumper cutout with mesh and mock intercooler and the custom wing and wheels. Should be pretty spot on after I get those touches done.
Wow! :D :D :D
Yep, that's the plan. Figure deedish cakeoans with the black inners would match up nice and cut the tire look down to a low profile style. Catch is bouncing between projects. I get so far on one and one of my other little ones gets to askign about there project so switch gears back and forth to keep it
Love it, keep it up!

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