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By PushDaButton
Figured I might as well start one of these.

It wasn't in great shape, but it was free and the frame itself is still good. Sad little F150 before pic:


It's now fully disassembled. If there was a screw, clip or retainer before, there isn't now.

- Use red, black and silver paint to give it a touch-up.
- Get new mirrors to replace chew toy and snapped off ones. Add mirrored tape to replacements.
- Replace cracked, sagging front & back wheels with pneumatic tires.
- Fix front axle. While I'm not an auto mechanic, I think wheels should point in the same direction.

- ESC control. Wonder if there's an inexpensive ESC with a ramp period and throttle control?
- Replace stock motors. 775's or similar are designed for ~18 volt and should work fine for a while.
- Replace 7 year old 12V battery. Upgrade to two 12V, preferably higher run time.
- Four position stock shifter rewire:
* LOW - 12V, motors in series, batteries in parallel (~2.5 MPH)
* MED - 12V, motors & batteries in parallel (~5 MPH)
* HI - 24V, motors in parallel, batteries in series. Zoom zoom. (~10 MPH)
* REV - as LOW, in reverse
- Add brake pedal and braking resistor.
- In-dash power indicator. Thanks for the tip, PoppaFixIt!
- Starter key
- Front/rear lights. Maybe link rear to brakes and reverse.
- Parental lockout for MED & HI speeds
- Remote shutdown
- Brake pedal interlock - if you hit the brakes, it not only dumps power into the resistor, it needs to do so by completely cutting the battery out of the circuit to the motors and rendering the throttle pedal nonfunctional.

Kid's a precocious little git who figures stuff out, so I need an easy but toddler-proof way to lock out high speeds for now. Could be mechanical interlock in the shifter, could be a hidden switch in the battery compartment.

Looks like an East Coast PowerUp Universal ESC kit could be the core of the build if we don't try for the ramp time too.

EDIT: Anyone got suggestions for wheels around 13" or so?

By Skovjuul
Nice! Looking forward to seeing the progress. I just got a cache of goodies so I'm on the lookout for good ideas :)
By PushDaButton
Looks like Amazon has 13"x5" tires with the same 3/4" bore on the ball bearing race as the rear axle on the F150 for $21 each: (Edit: Not anymore. That deal vanished quickly.)

Harbor Freight has a similar tire, but with a 5/8" bearing. Would need to get another bearing, pop one and press-fit the other. ... 37767.html

For *not* having to buy parts and do that, I'll pay the $6 difference per rear tire.

Front tires are 13"x5" with a 7/16" bore on the F150, and Harbor Freight has a pair of 13x4 at 5/8 too. Might end up needing to size that one down.
By malibusteve70
I'm looking to purchase the universal kit from east coast power up as well. Keep us updated with the build progress! Love to see how it all goes together!
By Biggjimm
Sounds like a nice project.
What are you using for remote shut down?
I'm having trouble with interference from the motors on ours. In low & reverse it works decent but in high gear w/ 18v at the motors I can not shut it down.
I put caps on the motors & that got me out to about 100' in low but still no good in high.
With no power to the motors I can shut it down out to at least 800 feet!
I think it's a 433Mhz unit.
Also I added an external aerial antenna & shielded antenna cable which did not seem to help.
Any thoughts?
Thanks. Jim

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