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By Tonys Tank
After much research I have decided to convert a 24v Razor Dirt Quad into a remote control canoe trolley.

We have a 16ft Canadian canoe with removable outrigger, 54amp 12v electric engine with a 120 ah battery, this trolley is to assist with the movement of the canoe and associated gear to a small beach near the rear of our residence that involves a small sandy beach and a little hill

I have purchased a 2nd hand Razor Dirt Quad (2 actually one for the grandkids to play with), stripped it off all plastic wiring motor, etc

I have purchased the following items that are currently being delivered

Linear Actuator with feedback 4” travel - ... _B0w_GEzIw

Actuonix Linear Actuator Control Board “LAC” with case

Flysky FS-GT3B 2.4G 3CH Transmitter With Receiver - ... Tags=bu=bu

MY1020ZX Dayton 800w (1HP), 36V DC Planetary Gear Motor, 500 RPM

11 tooth motor sprocket and a 41 tooth rear sprocket

36v to 12v power converter

Bec to reduce power down to 5v for the receiver.

I will post pictures with comments as I start the build.

I thought I would document the build as I struggled to find the required information easily

Any questions please respond

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