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My kids have been driving this Mustang for quite a while.
IMG_7825s.JPG (184.26 KiB) Viewed 5432 times
After mulling around paint schemes, I had decided on a 2012 Mustang Boss 302 look. It was going to remain white and have black striping, like this:
boss_example.jpg (108.96 KiB) Viewed 5432 times
But then my son got a McQueen and the Mustang became "hers" so I decided to modify the scheme a little. Here is a quick mockup I did with MSPaint:
mustangmockup.JPG (82.16 KiB) Viewed 5373 times
First, I had worked a trade with Hootie for some parts, one of which was a cowl hood. It was red. I knew that if I painted it white, it would not match the rest of the car, so I would have to paint the entire thing. Being that the hood spends much of its time going up and down and would start to chip immediately, I decided to try my hand at using vinyl to wrap the entire hood. Being my first try, it turned out "okay." I wish I had started on smaller parts to get the knack, but it looks pretty good from 5 feet away.
hood.JPG (156.51 KiB) Viewed 5432 times
Here is the tail panel and trunk. The spoiler will be done in pink.
trunk_tailpanel.JPG (174.94 KiB) Viewed 5432 times
Here is a shot of the side as it stands now.
sideunfinished.JPG (116.02 KiB) Viewed 5432 times
I am not completely sold on what to do, but my original idea was instead of BOSS 302, I would put BELLA (her name is Isabella) and a princess crown above it. The name will depend on if my sister in law's Cricut can do revers italics. If not, I'll probably just go with the crown and call it good.

Other plans for this in order of completion are:
- finish graphics
- head/fog/tail lamps
- horn
- hood pins
- paint wheels and brake discs
- add 6v boost via CJB turbo timer.

I have a deadline of the graphics, lights, horn and hood pins of late August as it will be mounted on the top of an SUV for a 200 mile relay race (run). More updates to come as the project progresses.
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By drew510
Nope, it is staying white. I am hoping it will all flow together nicely. I did a mockup in MS Paint (which I can't find now) and I thought it looked pretty good.

Edit: - just added the mockup to the first post.
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What type of vinyl are you buying and where to you get it? Does it come with some type of adhesive already on it or are you applying an adhesive? Your the first I have seen do this on the forum. Very interested!
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By drew510
It is the same type of vinyl used by shops that put advertising on buses and cars. I used to buy it online from but I decided to take a look at a local sign supply shop who is a customer of mine and their prices were WAY better (like half!), in stock, and just down the road. It comes with adhesive on it - just like a sticker. This is the exact material and vendor I am using - ... 51_651.htm
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That is cheap. I guess I will have to find a local sign shop here in NC and see what they have available. Thanks for the information.
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By jam1ej20
drew510 wrote:It is the same type of vinyl used by shops that put advertising on buses and cars. I used to buy it online from but I decided to take a look at a local sign supply shop who is a customer of mine and their prices were WAY better (like half!), in stock, and just down the road. It comes with adhesive on it - just like a sticker. This is the exact material and vendor I am using - ... 51_651.htm
That's really cool. Do they have camo? I'm sure that's something they would have to print. Any idea what it would cost for a custom design instead of basic colors?
By Klowne
Not sure if it's something that will be in their shop 100% of the time but I've seen so many trucks with camo on the bottom half down here in SC that it has to be available. It's usually realtree that i see but regular camo shouldn't be hard to come by
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By drew510
Headlight wiring is done. I ordered some Oznium 4 chip superflux LEDs back in the day when everyone raved about them - and then I started reading complaints that they weren't very bright. The first thing I wired up was the yellow fog lights and I thought, crud, this is going to look like garbage. BUT, I was pleasantly surprised that the white color for the headlights was much brighter. All in all, I am pretty satisfied with them. Here are some pics:
headlightslt.JPG (150.14 KiB) Viewed 5292 times
headlightsdk.JPG (65.66 KiB) Viewed 5292 times
headwire.JPG (131.35 KiB) Viewed 5292 times
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By drew510
Got the taillights finished tonight.

I took the stock sticker off and replaced it with some reflective red vinyl. The chrome version of this popped more but was twice as much and true reflective material was not in stock so I settled with this.
tailreflector.JPG (206.03 KiB) Viewed 5246 times
Then I installed sections of a red LED strip from Hobby King. I covered the lower wires with more reflective vinyl. I also lined the edges of the lenses with the vinyl to kind of trap the light in and make it bounce around the lens.
tailledinstall.JPG (236.88 KiB) Viewed 5246 times
Here is the final product. Lights are always hard to capture with pictures, but I am VERY happy with these as they are very bright. I think the reflective vinyl really helps "fill" the lenses with light as opposed to just bright LEDs.
tailledfinal.JPG (105.96 KiB) Viewed 5246 times
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Very cool. I like what you did with the lights. I am finishing up my mustang right now. I'm not planning on any lights on this first one, but definitely like how you used the reflective tape and led's on the tail lights.
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By drew510
Okay, below are a couple shots in its current state. Completed the wiring for the lights and horn and put it all back together and added hood pins. Stuff left to do:
- Add the princess crown and BELLA to the side graphics
- paint the wheels and disks
- add a 6v with CJB's turbo timer
looks like the hood is full of my greasy fingerprints. Need to get some windex on that, lol.
IMG_7939s.JPG (99.35 KiB) Viewed 5186 times
IMG_7940s.JPG (108.73 KiB) Viewed 5186 times
Not the best picture, but here you can see I added a princess crown to the vertical part of the stripe and "BELLA" to the lower back portion.
sidefinished.JPG (125.46 KiB) Viewed 5115 times
It looks great. So between paint and wrap-- which method do you prefer now? How do they compare in person visually.

I am still debating on whether to attempt wrap on my camo jeep. :?
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If I was changing the color of an entire vehicle, I would go with paint. Unless you have a lot of experience with wraps, it will be very difficult to get it to work around corners and body lines. You really need two or three people at once. But for what I did with this car, i would do it in vinyl again.

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