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By taz11
Before you all go yelling at me for starting ANOTHER project..........This was completed in 3 evenings and was a "priority" to get my kids off my back. (I'm now back on the old projects)

This is basicly the same as the A151 (Mommy and Daddy's jeep).

This way both kids have a reliable "super fast" car to drive.

This is all stock except for the rear tires, 24 volt (LBD14)ESC, and 12 gauge wire upgrade. I added the Gaucho Sport rear tires to give it a little attitude. It has a DPDT relay for emergency stopping. It disconnects both motor wires if the controller should fail in "GO" mode. I also restored the connection to the factory lights and horn.
Magica.jpg (54.13 KiB) Viewed 2709 times
Magica (1).jpg
Magica (1).jpg (55.08 KiB) Viewed 2709 times
Magica (3).jpg
Magica (3).jpg (47.98 KiB) Viewed 2709 times

TNC was out of the standard pedals so I went with the only thing they had. It is a pedal for a Mini Moto go cart. $6 more...bad, Discontinued (on ther sites) ....bad, Quality.....AWSOME! I plan on using these until stock runs out.

I realize I forgot to take a pic...have to remember to do that! Smooth operation and solid construction, no binding that is common on the standard pedal assemblies. The down side is that they are not flush mount, cutting of the floor is required. Well worth the extra $6.

I have video.....hopefully I'll get it up soon.
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By AlexL
By Eccho
lol 3 evenings can't tell that you have done a few 24/ecs installs before can ya lol... very sweet deff want to see the pedal... i was originally going to go 18 volt in my daughters' jeep but after all the 24/esc installs i'm going the route
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By taz11
Better late than never........heres the pedal installed.
screws 001.jpg
screws 001.jpg (38.31 KiB) Viewed 2605 times
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By taz11
Here is some video of the test spin....... Do you think he's excited?
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By Mark
Holy Jesus !!!!!!
Your doughter must be the first female that can actually drive !!!!
First movie, 0.46 sec.
Reversing onto the driveway, changing gears, drifting away, while eating a cookie with the other hand...... :shock:
That's great!

The beetle also has some speed in it.
Awesome job!
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By Whitepup
Holy crap! That is fast! Yep, no way you can go back to 12-18 volts now. Kids love it!
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By taz11
modmom32 wrote:Awesome race..... Love the magica...What was the Buggy, Are they on here?

By jazzcat
bumpin old threads up but do you have the original wheels off that still? or the center caps off them at least? my white one is missing two caps and its bugging me a little bit lol

looks like the kiddos had fun with it
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By madmaxdecals
Very cool taz...nice work

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