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By aVWguy
and now its on to cleaning up the wiring and hideing anything that shouldn't be touched by a 4 year old
the only part i am missing to do that is the tunnel cover piece that runs from the shifter to the pedal

should i hunt one down ro make new floor skins (likely diamond plate rubber floor mat)

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By aVWguy
well folks .. with weather comeing near or above 60 degrees its time to get back out to the garage and tackle another ungfinished project ...
which (in this thread) should i get back to first though???

plow truck needs the shifter relocated, heavier plow frame and reinforced steering

mudwarrior needs body work to cover where the old bumper was and wheelie bars

the magica and the bike will come along when i can afford better tools and the right materials
asfar as those two

magica needs the front wheels built and the axle and spindles cut to lenght for the narrower wheels

the bike needs a rear pully fabricated and mounted on the wheel, "gastank" built , charger and controls built

and batteries for all
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By aVWguy
just got done cutting the templates for the panels that will go in the underside of the eliminator to protect all of those little wires and circuits
possibly tonight if i get bored enough .. or more likely tomorrow i'll head to the shop to cut and bend the final aluminum panels then get them testfitted and ready for paint
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By aVWguy
i was donated an infant carseat for the padding and seatbelts ... those will likely be trimmed to fit this car too
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By madmaxdecals
#55700 sound like me...I've got several projects that are going all the time and never can just work on one at a time :?
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By aVWguy
well after a bit of thought and looking at the sad little bpros in the garage i desided to aim at the saddest of the bunch .. the plow truck

for now the plow is comeing off and i'm getting the truck finished into a running driveable machine
the old mud warrior front bumper may get fitted to the front of it i'm not sure then when the plow is rebuilt and a bit heavier i'll use that to hide the winch that will lift the plow and occationaly pull other bpros out of the mud lol
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By aVWguy
shifter is relocated, brushbar/bumper is painted and mounted
truck isnt looking quite as sad now and in my adventures in the garage i came across a lisence plate that i HAD to put on it lol
it says "if you toucha my truck, i smasha you face"
when i find it i have a ford emblem snagged at a scrap yard for it
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By aVWguy
i have ust been given quite possibly the oddest built request ever O_O
i was asked to build a "Gir" themed pws ..... anyone who knows who that is will understand the insanity involved with such a car ...
for those who dont ... hit youtube and look up "DOOM song" .. that would give an idea of the personality i need to figure out how to replicate in a car that still needs to run ...
and i really have NO IDEA which one to use for this either
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By aVWguy
eliminator update!!!!
today is the first time testing it at full power but unfortunately havent got a guin....... TEST PILOT!!! within reach so that will have to wait untill another day

right now it sits with 21T #7 GBs @18V with the smaller quad wheels all around
i know the smaller wheels take away from the top speed a bit but i am wondering ... what would this thing do with my slightly smaller then average 4 year odl son in it

guess that will have to wait till i can have him home for a visit :/

also soon to be added are a painted to match helmet
and the seatbelts are installed (5pt from a carseat)
after seeing too many times PWs seats being ejected with the kids belted to them i desided that i would attach the belts directly to the body tub and roll cage and also added in some braceing inside the rear tubes for added strength so that didnt pop on impact and crack a noggin
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By aVWguy
................. funny update lol

my uncontrolable boredom forced me to fold my 6ft tall self up into the eliminator ... not on IN lol
night drive testing all of the lights and sounds and i had a BLAST
the 21T GBs with quad wheels where perfect for the grass and slight hill in the back lawn even with me in it (146lbs)
and when i kicked on the lights the confused neighbors who where stareing at me like i had two heads laughed and yelled "the aliens have landed!!!!!!" (same ones who called my bpro shop a fisher price monster garage play set)

got looked at like i was nuts and had a fun ride in a car too small for me so i say that was a good night
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By aVWguy
lol i have had one or two like that myself lol
problem was by 3AM they would come banging on my door to fix the mower after a fight with a tree or other much larger object

waiting on a pic and starting negotiations of what may be my first good score!!!!!
$10 no charger or battery (hopeing its in good shape) red PWs 12V harley i may post again with good news tomorrow
... if its in good enough shape i'll even offer gas money to drop it off LOL
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By aVWguy
i now own for $10 a red PWs 21V harley in very good condition .. needs a good bath and battery :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D
found myself first vERY excited when i got it home ther extreamly frustrated
.... unloaded it into the back room (they all get the first night there for testing)
RAN to the shop and grabbed the test battery
popped the seat off dropped the battery in and ARRRRRGGGHHHHH :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil: ..................................
WHAT THE??????? .............................. GERRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR it takes 2 6V batteries not one 12V :( :x :roll: :lol:
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By aVWguy
#60226 seems i have gotten another flood victum .. saddly i didnt get to this one as soon as the magica so the damage is much worse

H/L switch is dead all but one spring inside
F/R is good .. albut one spring inside
built one working switch with the two and tomorrow i'll put that in with my LAST spare and a new plunger switch from the parts bin

allready rewired it with 2 6V10AH slim batteries and so far i have gotten one wheel to spin like crazy in reverse
... sound box looks dead but i wont know for sure till i get it open .. may juct need to be cleaned and a new speaker
once i get it running this one may get put up to be built as a project for me and .... mini me :D
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By aVWguy
there is more work to do to get the beast running still .. haveing been in the great flood i now see that i need to tare it down and clean the motors too and regrease
i got about a 12 ft ride on it with one motor running so there is hope
the plastic was just starting to go to poo .. so i hit that with the plastic sealer that i bought for the saddlebags on my moped ... in 2001 lol


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