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By sirironduke
Heres my attempt at a project log.
I started with a standard fire rescue jeep. It had a bent rear axle so it warrented replacing.
I stripped it to its basics to look more realistic.
My goal was to have lights front and rear, roof, and RC.
I installed harbor freight 13" split rim wheels, shown here ... IM0687.jpg

heres the side shot. I took the lift kit off and flipped the front spindles to lower the front. its too low right now but I will fix it next. ... IM0698.jpg

to use the stock GB's I whipped out my modifyed soldering gun ( modifyed tip to melt plastic ) I cut a few slots to use the stock PW tire hubs, and drilled out the centers to fit the larger shafts. ... IM0686.jpg

heres a under shot of the front end, axle flip and servo install. I added a cross piece to give support. the spring thing you see there is my attempt at a servo saver. made from coilover shocks off of a smaller scale rc truck. ... IM0685.jpg

I changed the tubular windshield to a MF? style. more realistic and has a transparent "glass" Ill end up replacing. ... IM0688.jpg

I melted/fused the mounts to the body after I removed the dash ... IM0683.jpg ... IM0682.jpg
one of my cats checking my work ... IM0690.jpg

heres a closeer shot of the front grill, I installed LED racing lights from autozone, I also hid the power switch to the RC electonics in the grill slats ( cant be seen though) ... IM0684.jpg

I build a role cage simmiler to the style jeeps use. I use pvc and added extra cross braces so it will acualy function.
An yes I have rolled it to test it. ... IM0695.jpg
here is the mount to the windshield , just so it doesnt move much. ... IM0696.jpg

here youl see my mounts to prevent the GB's from flopping around ... IM0697.jpg

and the under the hood shot, here if you look close youl see the wires running to the grills hidden switch ... IM0699.jpg
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By hkayssi
Great jeep! paint it military colors and you have a realistic looking RC Humvee. I take it that it won't be driven by a child as well? I don't see where a child would sit!

How did you assemble that roll cage? and what glue was used?
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By sirironduke
true it is no longer a childs toy. the role cage it made with 3/4" pvc water pipe. I used 1/2" fittings with 1/2" pipe glued inside the 3/4". I used standard pvc glue for the fittings joints and JB weld for the cross bars. Its no way water tight but very rigid. I scratched/scuffed the surface on the body with my soldering gun so the glue would hold for the X bars.
below the windshield I drilled a 1/2" hole and used a threaded end and cap.
for the fitting at windshield top, its a 90 degree fitting I took my heat gun to, softend it up and bent it a bit.
By sirironduke
i didnt either till i tryed it. you can bend the fittings as well as the pipe. but only so far, the pipe like to collapse. the fittings can go a little further as they are thicker. btw I also had to heat the 1/2" pipe to fit inside the 3/4". it needed a small reduction but fits tight as if it was made to go that way.
By sirironduke
well the doors i scored from i think taz, i got mounted. with a little adjustment that is. i had to cut off 2 ribs along the bottom. im guessing they where either there to make a gap or to keep the door inline. i also cut off the door limmit strap.
and now for the pictures. ... 0_0014.jpg

a little heat gun work is needed to straiten out a little warp. but nothing bad ... 0_0015.jpg

here i had to notch one door to clear my rolecage ... 0_0022.jpg ... 0_0019.jpg

i even got the latch to work right. cut a notch in the the body and wahlah. ... 0_0017.jpg
By sirironduke
well after a few runs outside i noticed the the front end sagging. i know its the bane of the jeeps so i desided to see if i could do my own fix. and here what i came up with.
2 steel bushings, the lower brace bar from the front end, a little welding and grinding... ... 0_0023.jpg ... 0_0025.jpg ... 0_0024.jpg

i plan to cut off the plastic spinnle mounts and use this in its place. will allow me to gease the spindles and up my stance back to normal.
By sirironduke
and here are a few shots of the front end installed. i drilled a few holes and used some left over screws from taking other powerwheels stuff off. its smooth and the servo no longer struggles to center. ... 0_0033.jpg ... 0_0030.jpg ... 0_0029.jpg

i also had a little incedent with my controler ( it jumped out of my hand and broke off the steering wheel) and heres my fix ... 0_0031.jpg
By sirironduke
ok heres a cuple of videos so you can see how things work. too bad i didnt keep filming i ended up flipping it over in the ditch in my neabors yard. but here it is. ... NP0002.mp4 ... 0001-1.mp4
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