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Here is the start of my project. We are converting a 2001 Rare Police Harley into the "CHiPS" bike.

The Mod's:

Tear Down and New Paint
New Custom Decals
New Front Tire with Spokes
Working Headlight
Working Tailight
Front and Rear red/blue flashing lights activated with Sirens
MP3 Audio with several audio files, including theme song :D
Working CB megaphone
FUTURE- upgrade to 18v.

This is the bike stock- was in VERY good condition given its ripe age of 10 years old:



And the First couple pieces we have done,
The Tank (flash made them look terrible):

The Front Fender:


Matching Helmet!:

This is a cooperative effort between my husband and I and my step father who is doing all the electrical. We hope to have it done in the next month or so. Paint will be done but electronics are being built and customized from scratch. (plus he lives in Seattle- 9 hours away from here) I can't wait for this to be done! Its going to be so cool!
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By taz11
Looks pretty accurate to me :D :D :D :D COOL :mrgreen:

For those of you that were not born yet.....[video][/video]
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By gwinnythepooh
taz11 wrote:Looks pretty accurate to me :D :D :D :D COOL :mrgreen:

For those of you that were not born
Lol at those not born yet. I can't imagine life not knowing "CHiPs"
What a great show :D

Btw- I had sweet decals made for the footboard that says "seven Mary three" lol I'm all about accuracy
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By aVWguy
i seem to have better luck makeing things to outrun police vehicles ...

this spring my and a friend will be makeing a video reinactment of my life in chambersburg PA
... 2 cops in a dodge charger chaseing some crazy redhead in a VW bug :lol:

just not sure which kid i want to put in the magica :|
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By gwinnythepooh
SigEp wrote:Looking great! We're planning a CHiPs Dodge Charger, but who knows when I'll get around to working on that project...
That would be cool. The decals off eBay turned out awesome!

Funny that my husband could kill me over how many pw I collected but the other day he said, "if I could have just only one more it would be a police charger"
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By gwinnythepooh
aVWguy wrote:i seem to have better luck makeing things to outrun police vehicles ...

this spring my and a friend will be makeing a video reinactment of my life in chambersburg PA
... 2 cops in a dodge charger chaseing some crazy redhead in a VW bug :lol:

just not sure which kid i want to put in the magica :|
Can't wait to see that
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By madmaxdecals
Looking forward to seeing the finished product...looks great so far
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By gwinnythepooh
Electronics are 80% complete and paint reassembly is complete. We are trying out electronics tomorrow and I will post photos...then the bike will take a trip back to Seattle for a month with my mom and step dad for him to do all the final install and tweaking of everything. It's way cool!
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By gwinnythepooh
Here are some reassembly photos, along with a few random. The paint is complete. Next is to fully install electrical. It has headlights, brake lights, red and blue flashers activated with the siren, Police scanner chatter MP3, Theme songs and sound clips on MP3, Sirens, Battery Indicator (fuel guage)with range of 12.5-14.5 volts, Megaphone and original stock sounds and lights.

I also changed the new drive wheels to the ones I got from Gambler.

I won't get this back from Seattle for about a month, so video will come when Its all complte. I also still have a bit of work to do on the side pipes with the heat gun to smooth out road rash.

Protect and Serve side

Seven Mary Three Side

Birds Eye View

Control Box that mounts between handle bars right behind the windshield

New Drive Wheels (new on top, old on bottom)
Definitely needed new wheels ya think!

Anyway, it looks amazing, and I can't wait to get it back and have it all operational. Its going to be sooo nice! Like a life-keeper!
Stay tuned for video
Looks great! Nice job
Electronics Progress Photos

Rear Tail Light Bezel

Brake Light

Rear Bezel before lenses

With lenses On

Front Bezel holes cut for LED's (Will have Lenses Over)

Red & Blue LED's for Front Flashers

Video of Rear lights
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2 New Videos-

First is the operational Brake light.
Then the rear bezel when emergency flashers are on :D
I'm Very Excited about it!
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Awesome job Gwinny!
I have to have something to do every 15 minutes between coats! Lol.... I've done laundry, fed kids, wet sanded, swept floor, organized pantry, cleaned kitchen, mpw, Facebook, I could go on. I'm a good multi-tasker. :lol:
If the Jesus Grave Digger was a laundry doer, if you layed out finger foods for the kids, got a roomba for the floor, used paper plates and cup and stayed off FB, all you would have left was sanding and painting. lol. I totally dig the harley.
Quick Update: For one- The bike is coming home in 18 Days! and I can't wait.

So we jumped off the deep end and decided since my step dad was already so far into the bike, he may as well jump it up to 18 V now so that its totally done.
He cut the stock relay for the turbo button and built a new relay board. If I understand correctly, the bike will go in reverse 6V, speed 1 12V and Turbo button 18 V.
The 6 Volt battery is perm housed in the engine compartment and will have a charge port, as will the 12V. They both will be hard wired in.

Heres some pictures




Looking good....hope you have the outfits to go with this bike..haha
Only a couple of more days for you now.
I think all is good with it some of you pics are a little old though. Espically the front panel on the control panel changed quite a bit for the better I think.

Relay board mounted on top of 6v battery and adde a couple of barrier strips so if you do want to put on heat sinks the motor disconnecto will be easy. the relay board is a little hard to get to where I mounted it. Thank goodness you will not have to remove the batteries to charge this thing with the added charger jack.
IMAG0335.jpg (219.44 KiB) Viewed 13827 times
IMAG0300.jpg (168.32 KiB) Viewed 13827 times
AWESOME :mrgreen:
The BIKE is home!!! Its beyond awesome. I will have to post more close up pics after I get home from Florida next week but heres some pics and videos. My son learned to drift right away and now thats all he does.

With the Bronco Harley

Race- keep in mind this was litterally the first time he drove it and the variable turbo is a learning curve, still caught and beat his sister tho

Video of sounds
Thats the Goofiest looking bike Ive ever j/k.
That unit looks awesome. I especially like the control box above the tank. That is super cool.
That is Awesome!....I had a retro heart attack when I heard the Chips music...haha
Sorry should I just call it a hog, lol
It's way cool! The control box does so much, I'll take a full video. It's got scanner chatter and everything

I still need to paint the Harley lettering black on the side pipes and change the back wheel to a spoke wheel.
I think the lettering will look great. You should post a pic of the charger setup from the eliminator battery compartment that got the 18v upgrade. I read someone was using a house wall outlet to connect their chargers to the batteries. I think our setup is so much better, smaller and electrically correct for its intended use.
I did. Its in the battery section...Which by the way, I LOVE IT!! It works so great and is so easy. I love not having to take the battery cover off (which explains why so many are missing- they are a pita)

And long gone are the days of me lugging 10 heavy batteries inside to charge! I need to put one of those in the escalade so that I don't have to lift the hood. Its a real pain as well and is ruining the paint.

I need to go buy another charger so I can have more than one machine charging.

Thanks again for all your help! I can't wait to get the eliminator on the block and get lights figured out
i still have a magica, a plow truck, a mudwarrior and a black and green quad to finish lol
and all before summer
when its done the magica wil be byfar my most complicated lol
and i may end up changeing a few things after a few test runs lol but thats going to be the lil show car hauled around and set up with a couple full size VWs this summer
So after the Harley's melt down via the 3 year old, it now has a new control board installed (PHEW) and I did a few cosmetic fixes. Since he rolled it there was some damage to the tank, but who knows which time that happend! :lol:

Luckily all I had to do was wet sand and re-clear! Easy.

I also painted the tailpipes where the decals were missing, and filled in the Harley with black. and changed the back tire finally so the spokes matched


I also installed kill switches for both the 6V and 12V batteries just under the tank "just in case" we melt another board.


Awesome!!! this recent...i thought it had a meltdown?

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