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So, My break is over. :D

This week I drug the Black Hotwheels Driveway racer out of Mothballs, literally.. (lol, its just project dust, but there's lots of it)

I will start dis assembly today and get everything cleaned up.

The paint will be done as close to spec as possible, I've gone over the body lines and alot of features are similar so I am thinking I can totally pull this off. Thank God for a small project.

My decals are on order from MotionTrendz- which I want to say was FANTASTIC to work with their customer service dept. My set should be here in just a few days.

This project should cost me no more than $50 including the decals.

Heres my inspiration

Here are the before Pics



I don't think I have ever seen a re=hab driveway racer so I am excited about this!
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Anticipation...growing :shock: :shock: :shock:
LOL @ progress...

This is the only progress I made. Tore it completely apart- These are not easy to get apart. I still need to undo bolts holding that front bumper on as that's getting painted too...

One question I'd like input on is the seat... what color?
Do I do it white and green like the hump on Francesco- or leave red.

The seat on the 6V is black??

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I vote black
Im leaning toward Black as well...Thx!

So I have to post this pic, because after I parked it I literally LOL.... Poor little thing
Look how tiny it is next to the polaris...

alll the body parts fit in a bankers box.
aVWguy wrote:what will you be forming the body from???
I thought you were just doing a repaint?? are you doing body work?
madmaxdecals wrote:
aVWguy wrote:what will you be forming the body from???
I thought you were just doing a repaint?? are you doing body work?
No body work, the original body is so close to Indy car no mods needed.
oh ... thats no fun :lol: just kidding
seeing some of your paint work on past projects this thing is going to be awesome
what ya got planned for speed??? (it IS a racecar)
I would leave it red. my second option would be white and green.
Well, its already

Heres the seat and the fake engine

VW- These driveway racers are the fastest 12v powerwheel. They already go 7MPH. I can even ride one and they are scary fast just the way they are... they have a control board in them.

Heres some of the middle parts...white and green parts tomorrow.

My challenge on this project is to have a kick booty paint job and have it look like Francesco as much as possible. :)
Coming along. I just have striping left to do on paint, so that will happen tomorrow morning.
Then I should have decals any day, then will clear coat next week and reassemble! I am trying to have this done by next weekend but am gonna be pushing it for reassembly. Maybe I can do it very very gently.


The middle red piece has been wet sanded and is going outside for another coat.. had some minor imperfections, thats why its dull looking
Looks good so far!
So today is my yuck factor day while paint cures:
Cleaning up the chassis!

The guy I got these from, every single car is caked in sand!! Filthy.

Need to get Wheels ready to paint! This will be crazy...have to tape everything off just leaving wheels exposed! Wish me luck!

What other car can you just plop up on your kitchen counter, lol.

gross-- And yes the PO Hot mess of a plug WILL be corrected by me! As soon as all the water is gone.

Huge gearboxes for such a tiny machine

lots of scrubbing with a toothbrush.

Im going to the mall and treating myself to something after this. LOL 8-)
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Also= My husband has to win out on the design of the blue rally cart...I wanted to do RC car from Toy Story and he wants to do Mario Kart....
He wins. He's over me, so sometimes I have to throw him a bone.
YES! My kids got Mario cart PEZ dispensers at a party the other day. The first thing that came to mind was "Gee, looks like a Driveway racer" :shock:

Creative minds work alike?
I love the wheels!
Could you use fingernail polish remover?
I wonder if a hot knife would do anything. I have never used one.
Flat black model paint?

Can you trim it off with a razor?
Pretty cool...liking it
my son would love it! he peeled the decals of dale jr to make it look more like lightning mcqueen...
Decals!!! I didn't use them all. Didn't want the teeth or eyes on it because I want it to be age appropriate for ever. LOL also had to modify some. The wing was a PITA> had to cut each letter out and obv couldn't fit "world"





I do have the timer, just forgot to put it in, and the flash makes it look weird.


So I still need to pain the inside of the sides red and then clear.. may test tomorrow to see if paint is cured. Tomorrow is day 6. If not ready I'll clear Thursday and knowing me reassemble Friday because I have ZERO patience and have learned to do it leaving no fingerprints. :p
Looking nice....I know cutting out those letters by hand was quite a task... :?
landon wrote:another kick-butt project, Gwinny! nice work :)
What were the decals from motiontrendz originally for? Or are they custom made?
They are from the 6V Francesco that came out at Christmas time at Walmart. The body is alot bigger than my racer, which meant some decals had to be modified, but all in all it worked out perfectly...

I can't wait to get it together.
Wow. That is cool. I love that you left the eyes off. EVERY kid would love that thing?
coulter's wrote:Wow. That is cool. I love that you left the eyes off. EVERY kid would love that thing?
Yeah not a big fan of eyes and teeth on cars, lol. Plus since this is for ages 5-10 I didn't want it to look to childish....
Awesome job!
GASP ... Francesco is blind ...
no eyes??? (i'm picking)
it looks great and i bet it cruises along nicely
it may be time for a race video against the pre built in stores ver.
Man, you have awesome patience, and your attention to detail is impeccable! Nice job!

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