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By aVWguy
no pics yet .. havent had a chance to buy batteries for the camera ... but ANYWHO
started with a yellow safety 1st vette that was baddly sun bleached but not chalky with a fried circuit board, mouse chewed wiring and the smaller board in trhe steeringwheel BADDLY overcooked (melted into the plastic steeringwheel)

stock wiring got a one way ride over the left shoulder
a 12V PWs quad harness was put in for the drive
then the lights, light switch and key switch where put back into service all except the brakelights (brakelights work on a switch to be built into the brake pedal)

after hours of scratching my head and trying to find wires that didnt exist .. i figured out how to open the bbattery compartment for the radio and THAT works ....... got mad at the crappy reception and made a better antenna (temporary till i hit an RC shop for what i want on it)

today i started paint
first was black primer, then flat black base, then metalic maroon starting on the nose and fadeing to black about mid car then fadeing from black to a metalic blueish green (dont laugh till i get to show off pics)
repaired the drivers side mirror then used the rest of that stuff to make mirrored panels to replace the decals in the nose that looked like wire mesh as well as smaller pieces for the small false vents in the hood

carpet, center tunnel and peg shifter (older style?) i need the kind that uses the same switches and harness as the PWs ... like the magica has
dont expect much luck on the shifter right away so i'll build it with the switches in reach for that for now then do it right later
brake pedal (gotta build one for 2 switches)

i need a diagram of wiring a seporate brake pedal with a relay so the power is cut when the pedal is pushed!!!!
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By aVWguy
................................ brain is spinning right now on the subject of brakes ... ... more to come tomorrow after testing and some math x_X

ok .. editing because i dont wanna kill it this close to needing it
....... with the normaly closed part of a plunger switch running to give power to the car and the normaly open used as the brake (opposite the stock for a gas pedal) would that work??/
then with the pedal up the car would have power and go with the gas pedal ... no pedals pushed would coast and the brake pedal would stop it AND cut power to the gas pedal incase both are pushed

will it work?? or am i bat poo crazy and would be better sleeping rather then thinking????
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By aVWguy
ok .. plunger switch .. center is B+ rear is break and front is GO
the end terminals are connected when its stopped or to stop ...
as a btrake pedal ... with the rear as B+ the center as stop and the front to the motors ... would that work to power thew vehical when the pedal is up then cut power and apply brakes when pushed???
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By aVWguy
guess i'll have to test this one myself lol
i'll do it on the poor old ford though lol .. thats the least complete little nightmare in my fleet and the one that has given me the most headaches

i'll let you all know the result and fight my evil arm to work with paint to make an official diagram if it works as intended
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By aVWguy
after seeing the finished pain scheme and added chrome .. i desided that this one has a road warrior look to it (dark and a bit aggressive)
next walmart run will get a set of pedal covers to build the new pedals with and a boot for the shifter
since one of the little fake tail pipes id missing and the mount that held it is busted off i am considering a set of side pipes for it with LEDs inside to give the effect of exhaust flames at night possibly wired as strobes
and custom pinstripeing
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By aVWguy
i let the batteries sit and charge over night and just took it for its first testdrive (a lap around the lawn)
...... the only thought in my head while i was driveing this thing was "WOW good thing i bought him that helmet"
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By aVWguy
graphics, LEDs and emblems came in today and it seems i draw a bigger crowd every time i open the garage door
this vette has become quite popular since i started slinging paint at it
made the paint look rough and ages and the graphics where made in pale shades to look faded and battle scarred
this is the road warrior vette
... next step is the exhaust ..
useing 1/2 inch dia. grey pvc wire conduit and some spray chrome i will make 4 pipes running up each side behind the front wheels then add strobes in each one for a backfire effect

new LEDs are waiting to be stuck in for rear lights and front markers
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By madmaxdecals
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By aVWguy
being alittle mean on this post i admit .. but you all will have to wait till its done and the intended pilot is at the wheel I get to FINALY bring my epic mini me home may 1st
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By madmaxdecals
Awesome...glad you get to hang with the little one
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By aVWguy
desided to be nice and show pics today .. here is my $10 CL buy harley
IMG_0859.JPG (23.59 KiB) Viewed 12992 times

a small preview to be nice ^_^
IMG_0861.JPG (16.05 KiB) Viewed 12992 times
and a small preview of the vette lmao :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:
By gratefuldad
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By aVWguy
happy to report that the vette will break losse in the rear end and sent dirt and grass flying on takeoff .... i see myself buying alot of grass seed this summer lmao
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By aVWguy
my strong dislike of paypall has left me stuck with no parts ... to get this going i'll have to borrow the shifter from the magica :/
right now it has the switches from a stock PWs shifter laying on the floor loose and i need this one to be done and ready for the arival of my epic mini me
gerrrrrr... just ONE part away lmao
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By aVWguy
i finaly broke down .. i have pay all again .. if it burns me again i plan to find theyre main office with a baseball bat
ANYWHO ... just ordered the shifter assy. for this and a supershock twist throttle for another build ^_^
lets hope all goes well X_____X
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By aVWguy
with the shipping time and work needed it seems this one will be finished later with the help of the little guy .. leaveing tomorrow to get him if all goes as planned
plus side is the harley runs in almost stock form (differant 6V batteries) so he can cruise on that and the eliminator for fast stuff and i'll have the old pedal tractor here for when i am out working one of mine lol ... still kicking around ideas for working implements on that too (baby safe ofcourse)
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By aVWguy
me and the little guy are HOME ^_^
he is happily playing with his massive colllection of thomas trains while the lawn dries out from last nights thunderstorm
then its time to grab his new boots and tools and head out to the garden for soe work with his pedal tractor ..
he hasnt been on anything with a steeringwheel since he was 2 years old so he is a bit nervouse with the PWs right now but that will get better ^_^

waiting on the parts from ML toys then all of his rides are ready for him to tare up the lawn with lol
planning on a small oval track in the lawn for him and his cousins
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By aVWguy
HE DROVE IT!!!!!!! it needs batteries though lol ..
just so all understand the size i am working with .. my son at 4 years old needs a pad behind his back to reach the pedals in the vette .. he is a tiny lil guy O_O somehow tiny and short but 40 lbs (same weight as the neighbor's 6yo girl)
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By aVWguy
useing the same batteries that where in the vette (with some chargeing) i got dravin in the eliminator and i gotta say it
... the eliminater will easily EAT that vette and leave it in the dust O_O i had no idea how fast that thing was and it runs LONGER on a charge

might be a set of 21T#7s and some differant rear tires in that vettes future ....
couldnt wait for the parts to arive anylonger so i pulled the shifter from the magica and put that in so he could test his vette
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By gratefuldad
Good Deal! It's the big cheesy smile and the wind blown hair that we're all after, Right!
My 3 year olds where watching the Big Dale Earnhart roller coaster blasting by at Carowinds yesterday hearing the people scream and asking to ride! My little girl was adamant that she was going to ride it, too funny. Maybe next year Baby.
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By aVWguy
i got to see a good run from the vette today and the biggest smile yet lol
he drove in circles for a few minutes singing along with "touch of grey" by the grateful dead lmao
thats my boy
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By aVWguy
sooo first time running at 18V with a full charge and i cant help but wonder if the outcome is typical for these cars
.... he ran it in low gear for a bit then stopped .. shot me a grin then slammed it into high and punched the pedal ..
both traction band shot about 6 feet behind the car and he launched HARD squeeling and laughing

the bands showed no signs of wear no crack .. they looked new ..... do these things snap and go flying alot???

[EDIT] ... good news otherwise ...
it turns out i did NOT forget my camera in TN sooo .. pics comeing soon as i have time to take them lol
(camera was at my mother's house)
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By aVWguy
IMG_0864.JPG (36.16 KiB) Viewed 12858 times
IMG_0862.JPG (45.11 KiB) Viewed 12858 times
IMG_0872.JPG (46.87 KiB) Viewed 12858 times

just a quick overtired pic update .. feeling a bit undercaffinated tonight :|
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By madmaxdecals
PICS!!! Wooohooo....looking the pedals
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By aVWguy
would be posting action photos and video BUT .. the LAAAMMMMEEEEE batteries i got have inturnal breakers and it goes about 4 feet at a time then needs to cool off

batteries do the same in the eliminator too
.. going to buy better batteries and these will most likely get used as power for camping..... (lights, radio and fan)
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By aVWguy
was donated another set of rears for the vet (kid parked his in the wrong place)
same thing .. POP WEEEEEEE bands flew off .. this time each was in about 4 pieces .. i am done with those darned things lmao

looking into swapping the wheels out for something bigger without that ess and possible BMX tire bands for it
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By aVWguy
parts came in from MLtoys ^_^ very excited
once i get them home (shipped to my mother's house) i'll have fun getting 2 rides built
.... this one and another i havent posted on yet (keeping it a secret for now)
the not seen or posted build will show here just because its cool lol even though its not for my little guy

hopeing to someday soon recruit my younger brother to help with the lifting involved in cleaning up the garage so the builds should start comeing along better soon
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By aVWguy
the radio in this thing SUCKS lol
considering replaceing it with an MP3 player real soon lol

... featureing AC\DC D.T.
(just seems to fit lol)
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By aVWguy
new sound board is rewired (another part from the squashed vette)
got flashing lights and engine sounds that remind me of the mach 5 (top left button is the best of them)
....................... speaker stolen from a "learned to fly" cordless phone lol
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By aVWguy
little bit of work patching it into the old wheel (old board melted into it a bit)
4red LEDS and 2 white hooked up
and i like the sounds on the left side of the wheel lmao .. top one sounds like the mach 5 flying by and the bottom sounds like its going through gears accelorateing with a nice tire chirp between 1st and second

right side has horn as the top button and some distorted mess with burning tires on the bottom

for those looking to get these effects going again after a harness swap!!!!!!!!!
orange is bat+ and light +

black is bat- and speaker -

blue and green are light - (match with the colors on the car for proper light placement it is devided by sides

brown is speaker+

it runs fine on a 12V power supply and i intend to have a sepporate battery pack for lights and sounds so none of that runs off the main battery and cuts run time (good use for those crappy universal 6Vquad batteries i got at walmart)
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By aVWguy
more i forgot....

while listening to the radio i laughed .. my son was picking songs for his corvette (loves the MP3 in the eliminator)

future playlist will be ...sofar


ram jam - black betty

war - low rider

pink floyd - learning to fly

metallica - for whom the bell tolls

metallica - fuel

prodigy - breath

prodigy - fire starter

he may pick more .. lol dont know yet
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By aVWguy
todays shop time left the vette happy with the new pedals installed, steeringwheel reinstalled and wired up, LEDs wired and routed to later be built into the sidepipes (in the mail soon) and a few nice scratches in the rear to touch up lol

headlights, LEDs and sounds all run through the stock key switch and the headlights are wired to the original switch to the left of the steeringwheel so they can be turned on and off seporately (if the key is on)

all accessories run off 2 6V4AH batteries tucked nicely under the false engine with an access hole under the drivers side rocker cover (they DO come off)

well all but the radio .. thats still on the stock AA battery box behind the false climate control plate below the radio
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By aVWguy
yesterday i got all of the original LEDs replaced and now all of the lights work
all that is left now is the side pipes (ordered)
and batteries to make it go

when i started repairing the steering wheel i thought that the lights acted as turn signals .. but found that they flash with engine sounds .... desided to use that for lights in the sidepipes rather then wireing them back into the marker lights
now when the key is turned it has the original start up sound and the buttons on the wheel will give the sounds and light up the exhaust to give the effect of flames lol

all of the stock lights front and rear can be turned on and off with the second switch
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By aVWguy
brain is popping and buzzing like a dead GB tonight lol
still trying to work out brakes for this beast
once i have something to hook to the pedal and make it stop .. i can finish the lights ... the two center tail loghts will eventualy become brake lights
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By aVWguy
opinions on this and my other builds would be great (ike the harley......)
they work but i still want to know what you all think of whats been done .. i am still very much a noob to modding them right and keeping it safe

asof right now this one has been lowered from the work cart and put on the rack to wait for parts that all should be here within the next two weeks the soonest would be tuesday leading to pictures of the car again

.. a BIG thanks to MLtoys for haveing the parts i needed though lol my kid has a blast workking on these cars with me ^_^
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By madmaxdecals
I am still waiting to see the pics.....hahaha
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By aVWguy
sidepipes should be here tuesday .. then a full pic update showing how and where work was done lol

................................... unless i get very bored tonight ...
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By aVWguy
-.-" fiiine pictures to come ... sailor jerry and glenn miller talked me into to it lmao
... finding all of my camera and headed to the shop
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By aVWguy
IMG_0907.JPG (45.16 KiB) Viewed 12638 times
IMG_0908.JPG (44.55 KiB) Viewed 12638 times
IMG_0910.JPG (25.54 KiB) Viewed 12638 times
IMG_0913.JPG (24.47 KiB) Viewed 12638 times
IMG_0914.JPG (19.35 KiB) Viewed 12638 times
IMG_0915.JPG (42.12 KiB) Viewed 12638 times
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By aVWguy
lol ... just noticed the last pic .. its the first time since i got that car that the false calipers where actualy lined up in the same place on the wheels

anywho .. headed to the lake for the weekend and when i get back there will be sideipes installed and more pictures ... soon as the battery arrives from gruber i'll get some video out
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By aVWguy
side pipes came and are installed so i SHOULD be posting pics ...
... but mini me needed the batteries from the camera for thomas and percy lol
rainy day and he had to be kept inside lol
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By Jornum1
I like it, I am doing a similar build to a c5. I like seeing your ideas. You are very creative on the styling end.

Are you still trying to figure out the braking?

I am using two DPDT relays, and have them cross the two negative wires when triggered. This shorts them out and creates resistance(braking). I use 3 100w resistors inline to soften as described in previous threads.

I am not sure how your wiring works, but these relays should be before the power hits the shifter or hi/low.
I am using a esc, so I have a series of 4 relays, 2 for the brake and 2 for the F/R. No high/low on my setup.
If you want some pics let me know I can take a close up of the brake circuit. I am not good at drawing schematics.
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By aVWguy
the wiring for the drive is actualy a stock PWs 12V quad harness i had waiting for a home .. shifter is for a gaucho though in a few mins (if it works this time) i'll have pics up with the exhaust on and its driver standing by proud lmao
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By aVWguy
IMG_0926.JPG (62.72 KiB) Viewed 12539 times
IMG_0931.JPG (61.34 KiB) Viewed 12539 times
IMG_0934.JPG (55.61 KiB) Viewed 12539 times
the antenna on the car came from an old television lol
works MUCH better then the little green wire hidden in the dash and it collapses down and folds flat to the body for storage

mini me is pleasedwith the fact that it has a flag like his harley lol
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By madmaxdecals
very nice...well done...I love the side pipes
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By madmaxdecals
That is pretty sweet

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