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By aVWguy
lol ... not sure on that name yet but HEY it is a harley lol

started with a red harly PWs and an mx3 minibike i somehow killed the motor on ... :oops: (140lbs@18V)

dravin loved the harley the first time he saw it but i hated the idea of buying 2 6V batteries for a slow motorcycle with no hand controls....

gave the stock harness a ride to the parts bin and full speed (HATED that thing for all of the frustration it caused)
pulled the ontroller boards and wiring from the MX3 (poor little bike)

then me and mini me set to resorecting the harley :D :D :D :D :D :D :D

the push button on the mx3 still wasnt what i wanted but i thought ahead and ordered a twist throttle from ML-toys (THANKYOU!!!!)

opened the box with the new parts and got to work ... about 30sec after getting it out of the box i was looking it over and the push button inside the new handle was in pieces (age got it) so i replaced that with the button off the mx3 and set to sanding the handlebar on the harley to make it fit (still drags alittle but thats fine for a 4 yearold who doesnt hold pedals or buttons)

mini me handed parts and connectors as i built the new electronics into the bike 8-) ..proud moment..
first test spin gave me a great shot across the floor .. backwords ... :? .. unhooked the motor wires and switched them around

once everything was running smoothly hwe put the body back togather with the lil guy placeing parts and starting the screws then me tightening them for him

the test drive was on the kaput grey cube battery and gave 3 EPIC laps around the house and right up the hill in the back yard (seen pickup trucks stall out on that) then the battery got low and we both laughed as the bike started bucking and hopping everytime he took off (low batt wont trip the relays on the board) got one more lap at full speed then into the shop to recharge

pics and video when the battery is charged and the rain stops

future plans are lights and a seat pad (he grumbles at the bumps a bit) .. possibly a sissybar to keep his noggin from rolling right off on takeoff (first launch took the handle bars out of his hands :lol: :lol: )

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By aVWguy
few things i didnt think to put in the last post ..

the name came from a need to make it easier for my little guy to drive .. even at its best with the stock junk it would shoot off makeing him lose his grip .. but with the old pedal it kept going :shock:

the MX3 electronics gave the option of a twist throttle (with work) and a brake handle
it also eliminated switches for him to flip while moveing lol :?

this setup also seems to run longer on a charge and doesnt completely flatten the battery (it shutters when the batt gets low)

aside from lights .. i can honestly say i would like to get artwork on the tank like something drawn by David Mann (alot of works in easy rider magazine before he died)

that part aside lol .. in the crappy off and on rain we're haveing here he has gotten some great rides in and his opinion of the sidewalks are mixed (ROUGH and bumpy) some bumps send him airborn sometimes as much as 4 inches from the seat :o :shock: it takes the hills and terrain of the back lawn like a champ and is actualy running now on a crapped out 4 year old battery getting just under 1 hour of run time between charges

and today he was VERY proud lol he got to take a girl for a ride lmao ... a friend of mine was in town and he told her to hop on ... she enjoyed the ride and wants me to build her one :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:
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By aVWguy

runs great even with the grade in the lawn and takes the small hill to the upper part of the lawn great
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By aVWguy
the lack of copmments makes me wonder if this build is an epic fail .................... or mabey its epic and your all jealous ... LOL .. jk
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By Jornum1
I like it. Is the throttle a button, or is it variable like a scooter controller? I am not familiar with the mx3. Is it 12 or 24v? I just put a controller seup on my sons peg polaris, he cant get enough of it.

I wish they made a street bike version like that(wide rear for a younger child), I would love to have one. I am not much of a harley guy.
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By aVWguy
the MX3 was the power wheels mini bike .. 12V not variable

i ordered a twist throttle from ML toys and that replaced the button that it had with the controler (mx3 had a pushbutton)
... as far as the not a harley guy lol .. neither am i ...... but my son loves it and is still bragging about takeing a cute girl for a ride on it :lol: :lol: :lol: thats muh boy

next in line for this ride will be a 12V12AH gruber battery
:evil: my sister delievered the finishing blow to the grey PWs 12V letting the nephew run it completely dead in the black and green ninja quad i gave him (same as she did to the 6V for his tractor)
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By ms1120
Thats cool. I like the twist throttle. Moments in the garage with a little one, while they are learning, are priceless. Im glad hes having a good time as well as you.
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By aVWguy
we are haveing alot of fun lol we just got back today from his first ever camping trip .. we went to my parents place on the lake lol

he got to drive (all but docking) the 20ft grummen pontoon boat and did VERY well and in an epic score lol a neighbor gave me a tiny rowboat just big enough for me and the little guy to push along with the 50's neptune motor i have lol
its only 1.7HP so i figure that will give bpro speed lmao

and another note .... grummen never escaped the gremlins that caused havok in theyre aircraft ... those just moved into the boats :roll: had everything electrical go kaput on that thing and after 45 mins of cheacking and testing found NOTHING wrong .... then it fired right up like it never happened :evil: :lol: :lol: :lol: :roll:
me ansd that boat have had occational arguments for the past 3 years now
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By madmaxdecals
Nice work....little man looks like he is having a good 3 year old son is starting to want to work on his power wheels....although after he got into one and switched some wiring around causing a puff of smoke while my wife watched did cause a little bit of a problem when I got home..hahaha
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By aVWguy
thats why i do wiring and he runs a screwdriver lol
his hands get stronger and he may start useing the wire crimpers under close supervision .... pinch my finger evey time i use those darned things lol
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By aVWguy
and now for the hard part .... he is asking about makeing the harley faster and while i planned ahead as far as wiring .. where the heck do i fit another battery??????????? (jumping to 18V)
his little machines seem to attract alot of attention with the work done and i did reach the goal i set out for with this one
another kid his age was frustrated with another harley like it ..... stock.. but loved the mods i did
the hand controls make it MUCH easier to drive... and much more motorcycle ish lol
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By All4TheBoys
Great mod! The PW Harleys are my personal favorite bpro's.

...................I don't see any BUGS or BUSES anywhere :D
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By aVWguy
that is a good idea
just hope mini me agrees lol he loves useing the saddle bags for his tools
if he would rather keep his storage open i may open more of the body up for all of its batteries
right now its running a 12V12AH gruber with the handle/case from a yellow hummer that never made it to the shop lol
as far as the way it runs... the MX3 mini bike wiring is awesome and the mini bike brake on the front wheel seems to work well
i am considering adding something for better traction on the drive wheels so he isnt takeing the paved hill into my friend's parkinglot sideways lmao
he has gotten a great handle on drifting lmao
he LOVES that vette when it comes to slideing and drifting lmao
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By aVWguy
working on a smaller battery box below the sound box for the 6V .. hopeing to keep all of the battery weight centered in the bike so there is a slightly lower chance of it flopping over lol
that and mini me likes his saddlebags
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By aVWguy
been llooking at that thing on the op of the rack ... i want to find an olld indian head piece for the front fender from an old 40's indian super chief now lol

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