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If you have a cheap supplier for motors, batteries, or anything that is of use for a scooter or E.V. (BPRO) list it here for all to enjoy!
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Rarely do I write negative reviews but I have had a poor experience today and wish to share with the millions of people who hit this site...

I needed a new GB for the yellow firetruck (a gear stripped out) and since it's so heavily ridden, I decided I'd drop the coin for a brand new set for both sides and start fresh. Found shopj& online from a google search and they showed them available. Awesome! click, buy, $70 for the set.

Few days later I get an email saying they will ship in 1-2 weeks.. hmmm... okay, whatever. out of stock. No biggie.

Few days after that they ask me for the model# and Serial number of the vehicle. IDK man... it's the yellow firetruck. Does it matter? I know what I need. They reply that different models need different gearboxes (no they don't bub) and I need to let them know which model I have. :roll: Do you want the model number of every vehicle these gearboxes go on? I don't have that kind of time man... Kid Trax was great about using the same gearbox on many platforms.

I reply that I know what I'm doing and if their description is correct, they will work just fine for me. Please just ship the items so I can get on with my life...

They cancel my order and refund my payment. LMAO What a joke. Waste my time. Thanks guys.

Do not use J&L for your parts needs boys and girls. Unless of course, you have a great appreciation for incompetence and shenanigans.

By Suburbancharlie77
Not that I'm arguing, or taking sides... but at least they refunded you when they cancelled! Could have just cancelled and made you request or worse prove you deserved a refund =0
By Rob222
Logged on to share a wheel sale but found this instead. Wish I had read this about J&L before I just ordered wheels from them. I'm hoping to get a great deal because I thought I'd never find them new again.

Perego Gaucho SuperPower 1st Gen "styrofoam" wheels.
Front and back wheels 50% off + extra 10% this week.
Total was $101 shipped.

These are great wheels on grass but wear quickly on hard surfaces.
They may fit the 2nd gen (stock w rubber tires) but I have not tried yet.
They will not fit a 12v Gaucho.
By Rob222
#142144 is a joke.

"This is an order update from J&L Products and Services, LLC through
The shipper's tracking number is UPDATE: These items are discontinued. Your order has been canceled and refunded in full. I am very sorry for any inconvenience this might have caused."

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