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If you have a cheap supplier for motors, batteries, or anything that is of use for a scooter or E.V. (BPRO) list it here for all to enjoy!
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I don't mod much anymore so my only contribution I can make to this site really is making cool stuff for you guys.
I'm starting this thread because I don't want to be all spammy on the board trying to sell my wares, yet I also want... to sell them... you know?. You want something, you come to me. I'll just be over here chillin'.

(it's my first attempt. don't laugh!)
Find me on Facebook at
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CJB Turbo Timer 4
Here's a new document created to help explain a little about what the Turbo Timer is and what it does...
What is a Turbo Timer and Why Do I Need It?
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CJB 18V Interface Board
This bad boy allows super easy 18v upgrade with integrated charge port connections, keyed ignition switch connections, and direct connections for the CJB Turbo Timer. Use with or without the timer, with our without a turbo button.

To order anything, please visit
Email turbotimer @ comcast . net with any questions.

Now that the web store is up and running, I will only take orders through that. Getting random paypal notices is far too confusing for me. You can still use paypal through the web store as well as major credit cards if you for some reason don't have a paypal. The web store is totally legit and running perfectly. Buy with confidence. I wouldn't put my name on something shady. ;)

Looking for something custom? I'll take a stab at it. Shoot me an email.

Feel free to leave comments and feedback in this thread.
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I actually thought about it but domains and hosting is expensive. I'd have to up my prices and that goes against my mission statement: "provide affordable cool stuff that I actually created and manufactured, not bought off ebay, made some small insignificant modification to and resell at a premium."

Just checked into godaddy, it'd be $70 for a year of a domain and web store. Would renew at a much higher price after the 1 year though. With any luck it wouldn't take me a year to sell these 50 timers. I'd have to retract the 'includes shipping' and list parts at the same price + shipping to pay for it. :cry: On the bright side, people would be able to check out with credit card as well as paypal. But then I'd get roped into making more of these. And if I make a business out of this, it's not going to be affordable anymore. The Turbo Timer would have to be a $40 module.

So, I think I'll just sell through here. It's better for everyone. Once the interface boards come in, I'll make a post on the FB site.

I'd be willing to sell off the design and source code for a lump sum if anyone wanted to take this and run with it. :lol: I suppose it could be profitable for someone without a heart string tied within this community. Jack the price up... Wouldn't be the first one.
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So I found a site that allows you to have a free online store! I'm still setting it up so don't go all crazy yet but in theory it should be operational at the moment. I'd be thrilled for some preliminary feedback!

On a sad note, a quick google search revels there is already a CJB Electronics. :( I think I'll have to change that up.

EDIT: Name changed to CJB Performance. Still tossing around ideas. Who woulda thought CJB Electronics was taken! lol
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By Suburbancharlie77
Only thing I found was

" relay<br />30/40 AMP "

Not sure, cuz I don't know html stuff.
In the relay info page.
Otherwise download of manual was a success, and everything else looks great! Afraid to ask how long that took.
Either crazy long, or depressingly quick?
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Interface board says 30A fuse. What you do on your own, I can not control. Just don't come crying to me if it breaks.

I put the 40s on there because I know people use them for stuff and not everywhere carries them. I'm debating putting some 10AWG in-line fuse holders on there too but they're easy enough to find on amazon I guess.
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By Vellu
Just ordered TURBO TIMER 4 from your online store
I will later buy 18V INTERFACE BOARD when it is again available.
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By MR_Pat
So I did a read through on your manual for 18v board CJB :P lol love the line " The CJB 18V Interface Board and
the CJB Turbo Timer 4™ is not indented to be a safety device, or diagnose, treat or cure any
disease. These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA, IPC, ANSI, SAE, FBI or any
other organization.
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Just kind of fishing for interest here but I've gotten a few inquiries since I hooked up another member with my very last strobe controller board I made for my Police Escalade. It just so happens I have an updated version I've worked on recently and am wondering if there is enough interest to make it a production board.

Another thought I've had is to either make a separate 'wig-wag' headlight flasher or maybe even incorporate it in with the controller. You can see the results of both of these items in this video:
The front and rear light bars, as well as all the red & blue lights everywhere else are all run by the same controller board. The headlight flasher is a separate unit hacked together for this project. My new version would have the arrow bar in the back direction-selectable (left, right, center-out) as well as the warning patterns by default. This adds a whole new level of realism to it over the standard ebay options.

Just wondering if there is any interest in these type of things. Or maybe there are other features you'd like to see with it.

Thanks for your feedback!
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Just want to throw out there that I'm down to 11 Turbo Timers remaining. (provided I don't keep any for myself :lol: )

If you were on the fence, now would be a great time to make a decision.

You can get yours here: ... 92862.aspx

Also, I will be taking down the 18v Interface board very soon. They suck to build and I'm tired of it. If you sneak in an order between now and then, I'll fill it. But I won't like it! :lol: Maybe in the future I'll come out with a better version.
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Okay folks, this is not a drill! I have 5 Turbo Timers left. That's it. 18V Interface boards are sold out.

IF (and that's a pretty big if) I do another run of Turbo Timers it wouldn't be until this fall or winter. I'm simply too busy this summer to even think about it.

SO, if you've had your eye on a turbo timer this is your last shot for a long time, maybe ever. ... 92862.aspx

Chances of another 18V Interface run are pretty much 0 unless I can find an easier way to build them. It's a slick little gizmo that makes the 18v upgrade easy and clean but it's just not worth the time it takes to build them at that price point, and I wouldn't feel right charging much more for it. I could sell it as a DIY kit but I doubt many people have a soldering iron at home powerful enough for 4oz copper planes with .250 hardware so that would be setting people up to fail and that's not what I do.
By Suburbancharlie77
Oh wow, when I'd read you say you have to make them up, I would never thought of you doing all that soldering!
Ya, the average cold weld iron isn't going to be any good, no matter how much flux slathers on.

I wonder what he'll think of next?
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This is the iron I have to use for those interface boards: ... enu-1.html
Runs about $500. :o

Now, hypothetically, if I were for some reason to do more 18V interface boards, one change I would make is to remove the fuse holders on the PCB and leave it to the user to fuse it themselves at the batteries. It seemed like a good idea at the time to force the use of a fuse but after further thought it really doesn't prevent the user from running a 2 foot un-fused cable from the battery to the board. I don't like that possibility. Removing those would be kind of a win-win since those are the hardest things to solder anyway.
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After a considerable amount if inquiries on my web store about the 18V interface board, I'm contemplating a run of a slightly new version. However, I have never received any feedback from anyone who has bought one.

While no news is good news, I'd like to know what people thought about it. Likes, dislikes, etc.

If you purchased an 18V Interface board, please please please, send me your thoughts on it.

I've set up a quick survey form here:

Please take a minute to fill it out if you've purchased an 18V Interface Board. Thanks!
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By toycrusher
I will discreetly refresh your memory as to what "needs" to happen before you re-issue this board... ;) ;) ;)

viewtopic.php?f=3&t=20215&p=142773&hili ... ce#p142773


By toycrusher - Tue Jul 26, 2016 5:30 am


Could you add an additional dpdt relay socket to the board and switch input to give it reverse function too?

It would basically replace a 3 position shifter, reverse low, forward low, forward high / turbo timed. The outputs would go to the motors or you could split the outputs in parallel to make it easy to connect two motors to the board. The gas pedal can be put in place of the key switch.

This would be very appealing to those with low current rides that have circuit boards and want more power. The pedal and shift switches could be easily moved over to this high capacity board.

Plus, those who buy "upgraded" motors and have problems blamed on vehicle wiring would have a "go-to" solution that bypasses all that and makes 10 ga wiring upgrade a breeze.

It would even work for ESC rides, I think... not the high/low function but the forward/reverse, if it were capable of handling 24v in the 12v circuit input... and as the wheels keep spinning dangerously, could the 6v side be used as turbo above the 24v from the esc for 30v in turbo mode? Hmmmm...
"I'm not nuts, I prefer to be called an enthusiast! "
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Nevermind. I'm sick of doing tech support. Shutting 'er down.

I almost re-ordered turbo timer boards this morning. Then I got 6 emails full of a billion questions each. I don't mind helping people getting their stuff set up and working right but it's only going to get worse the more I sell. I simply don't have time to draw everyone a custom diagram. Everybody's set up is just a little different and there are way too many variables.

I have to think about how to simplify all this so I don't spend 2 hours a day on tech support. Obviously my instruction sheets are not doing the job they should. That's on me. Maybe I should have the wife install one and write it up. :lol:
"connect the red thing to the silver thing"
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By toycrusher
Your going to have to go through a distributor like Wesley so you don't have to handle customers directly :lol:

And yeah, a SPST relay isn't going to do much for reversing duties. Need two more...
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By dsmproject
CJB - First off thank you for these products and your support! Seriously cool stuff. I ordered the turbo timer 4 and 18v board a few months back, haven't installed it yet (12v is still ok for my 4 year old). My main reason for buying the 18v board was the simplicity in charging. As it looks like you don't plan to make anymore, and I didn't see this post until now, would you provide the schematics for just the charging part?

Also, just as a thought, would you consider selling them if you provided no support? I know that won't sit right for some people, but there are others like myself who would be OK with that I'm sure!

Anyways, I'm glad I bought when I did (I had a thought this day would come). Take care!
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Thanks for your kind words, dsm. It is encouraging.

For the charging tabs on the 18v interface board, I just run them to the copper planes that the batteries connect to basically. Easy to do on a PCB. A little more complicated in wires but still obtainable. The +12 charging port however is run through 87a of the IGN relay. The rest simply connect to the battery connections.

As far as my recent frustrations go, I actually do not mind helping people. Really. Especially if it's something I sold them like these gizmos I feel compelled to make sure they have the info necessary to get it running. When it comes in waves and I'm busy at my normal job is when it gets frustrating and overwhelming.

Maybe I need simplified instruction sheets with more pictures of actual installations and a variety of wiring diagrams to cover more set-ups. I've been told the existing install manuals are "wordy and intimidating". :shock:
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By dsmproject
Thanks for the explanation! I have a couple electrical engineer friends I can bounce this off of as well, but that helps. Also, I just purchased another Turbo Timer 4 while you still have them in stock. That will put two of them on the "unused" counter, but don't tell my wife! I actually was tempted to purchase two of each months ago, obviously I am now kicking myself!

I read thru them, they make sense to me. I wouldn't consider this hobby/modification to be for everyone... I am surprised "those types" even purchase your parts!
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Maybe this will help. This is the schematic used for the PCB layout. There's nothing proprietary or secret about the design so I don't mind posting it. You can see where the charge port connections run to and how everything is 'wired' up. You could reproduce this same design with wire and splices. Just takes a little more time and space.
18vi_sch.png (17.53 KiB) Viewed 8446 times
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By dsmproject
CJB you rock! (I added myself to be emailed on this thread so I don't miss another opportunity)
I will take the first 2 18v boards and another TT4 when available! Should I just keep an eye on this post, or what is the best way to be alerted when they are back in stock.
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By Stavkon
Hi, just a quick question....
I am planning to run 24v in a recently acquired feber (or famosa/avigo for US market) Ferrari California which comes 12v from factory.
Can your interface board and turbo timer handle the extra 6v or am I going to blow everything up?
If they do, count me in for both when you have the new batch ready.
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Can you guys do me a favor? Read through my new install manual as if you have no clue what you're doing and see if any of it makes sense? ... sp=sharing

I have a few updates and minor fixes to make but go ahead and point them out anyway in case I missed one. :D
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By jasncab
Hey man. Great stuff..

Sorry I am getting in here a little late, but you made the newsletter and so the thread caught my eye.

If you want to host, just let me know. I can help out.

email me: jason@<thiswebsite>.com

I see you have your web store setup, if that is good then great. Otherwise maybe a wordpress + ecommerce thing would work?
(all free - I'll handle the hosting)...
By Suburbancharlie77
I dunno, looks like its going to be easier with the separate schematics for the particular kind of installs.
I'll have to print it out, because sitting reading it now on my cell, it's a little too small to fully follow. If there's any grammar issues, I'm not one to catch those. Looks good to me, but my mind is fried this week
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jasncab wrote:Hey man. Great stuff..

Sorry I am getting in here a little late, but you made the newsletter and so the thread caught my eye.

If you want to host, just let me know. I can help out.

email me: jason@<thiswebsite>.com

I see you have your web store setup, if that is good then great. Otherwise maybe a wordpress + ecommerce thing would work?
(all free - I'll handle the hosting)...
:oops: I'm not really sure what that means. lol I'm a hardware guy. This sounds computerish.
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By toycrusher
Instructions look good. Love the primary disclaimer "you will be SAD" :lol: :lol: :lol:
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Turbo Timer 4 and 18v Interface boards are back in stock!

Well, almost but close enough to open it all back up again. Orders will ship sometime next week.

Get yours here: ... 00286.aspx
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