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If you have a cheap supplier for motors, batteries, or anything that is of use for a scooter or E.V. (BPRO) list it here for all to enjoy!
By Joel
Hi Everyone,

I just drew up a FAQ concerning a rare issue we sometimes run into with International Shipments and I thought I would share it with everyone.

There are very rare instances where Tiger Imports will require additional shipping on International Orders to cover our cost to ship. This issue often arises when an International Order calls for an uncommon ride on part that has a weight in our system that is off by a pound or two. While this weight difference may only make a difference of $0.50 to $1.30 domestically and never get noticed, one pound can make a $30 to $40 difference on International Shipments.

We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience caused when such a mix up occurs; however, Tiger Imports will not pay such an extreme difference in shipping cost to send your order. If such an error should occur with your International Order, we will ask you to accept our sincerest apologies and either pay the difference or have your order refunded in full.

We always strive to treat our customers fairly, and hope you will extend us the same courtesy in this matter.


The Tiger Imports Team

* On a side note: If you ever run into any issue while shopping with us and do not receive the answers you're looking for from our support team, please bring it to my attention directly and I will do my best to resolve it.

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Dont forget - if you're in the UK and don't want the hassle of worrying about international shipping - you can always visit
The prices arent nearly as low as Tiger imports but once you've factored in the shipping and the local knowledge, then it makes a difference!
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