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This section can be used for members to link all their projects, diagrams, favorties, etc to one place. Please keep titles specific and to the point while including your user name and type of content.
Here I will list ALL of my projects and over time will start putting decal files in here. If you have a comment on a project, please comment in the original project thread. :D I will also attach a file of my painting process since I get weekly PM's asking for this.

#1- Peg Perego Thundercat turned Boise State Bronco 4 Wheeler
Bronco Thundercat

#2- Red Harley Davidson turned Boise State Bronco Harley
Bronco Harley

#3- Red 6V Dodge Ram turned Boise State..
Dodge Ram

#4- Police Harley turned "CHiPs" Police Harley - full lights/computer
CHiPs Harley

#5- Barbie Escalade turned Watermelon Black Escalade with Lights

#6- Driveway Racer turned Francesco from Cars 2
Francesco Driveway Racer

#7- Rally Racer turned Mario Kart
Mario Kart

#8- Eliminator turned BSU Eliminator
Bronco Eliminator

#9- Purple Jeep to BSU Jeep #1
BSU Jeep

#10- Purple Krispy Jeep to BSU jeep #2
BSU Jeep #2

#11- Ninja goes Batman Dark Knight #1 & #2!
Batman Ninja

#12- Jeff Gordon Race Car turned DINOCO McQueen
Dinoco McQueen

#13- Extreme Machine turned BSU Extreme Buggy
BSU Extreme

#14- White Barbie Jeep turned Purple Fairy Jeep
Purple Fairy

#15- Restore to new stock condition- slightly girly gator
Girl Gator

#16- Upcycle Harley Davidson KFX Ninja
Harley Davidson Ninja

#17- Washington State University HarleyWSU Harley

#18- Evel Knievel MX350 24V EvelKnievel

#19- Custom Horse Theme Adventure w/ Trailer Girls Horse 4Wheeler

#20 Tiffany & Co Polaris 18V Tiffany 4wheeler
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