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Adding R/C to your Powerwheels vehicles? Using R/C parts on your Powerwheels?
By Sven37
I've been searching through the forums and have found mixed answers for how much force is really needed for the steering system to work on pavement and grass. From what I found:

- 35 lbs will do ok on pavement, but on grass its sluggish
- Using the ServoCity servo 805 with gear for 1700 oz/in torque works for empty vehicles, and on pavement. I haven't found an answer to a 1 child on grass answer yet
- Actuators can give a lot of torque, but they seem to be a bit slow the higher the torque.

What I'm interested in is how much force do we need to look for in a power steering system so we can use it on pavement and grass with a child in it? I have found a few decent 50lb fast actuators, but I'm not sure thats enough. Looking at some of the servo setups with the 5:1 gear and using some back of the envelope calculations they are putting out roughly 75-90 lbs of torque to the wheels depending on the setup.

Thoughts anyone?

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By sall
I have asked the same question about the actuator force and operating on grass. So far no answer really. Grass is where I will primarily be operating. No one has said 35lb won't work though... I still have not ordered linear actuator because of this though. Would rather get what I need the first time.
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By sall
Most builds it seems have used the FA-PO-35-12-2. Which is 12V 35lb. 2" per second. ... d-actuator

I'm not sure I have read about any problems on grass. No conclusive answer though either... :?
riverasotojuancarlos wrote:Danser 365, some firgeli actuators are stronger than others based on the gear ratio you choose. The L-16R 35:1 6V is great for pavement. On low level grass is acceptable. It works fine on grass but it has a hard time returning to center position automatically. I usually have to touch up the steering wheel on the remote to center the actuator. For dirt, I guess it depends on how rough the surface. I would recommend a 12V actuator with LAC board and a higher gear ratio.
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By Sven37
Yeah, thats the problem. Not too much input on "this is what works great" etc. Remember for that 35 lb actuator for the thread I linked, he is only using a single seater corvette so there is less weight on the wheels. The difference from pavement to grass and stopped to full speed will be more pronounced.
By realred2
Trip2013, does the 150lb fergilli turn fast enough for you? I have a front loader with rear wheel steering and will be giving it rubber tires. I don't know if the 35lb one will be strong enough for off road duty, but don't know if the 150lb is fast enough. Thanks.
By Sedzy
Sven37 wrote:I might get one of these, anyone have any experience with random items like this from overseas?

320kgcm Servo. If rated properly it has about 2.5x the torque of ther servocity 805BB with mount and 5:1 gear. Plus it runs on 12v or 24v! ... fresh=true
This one is on my short list for the RC Control... I haven't purchased one yet, but I probably will end up getting one. There are 2 flavors of this GB servo on Ebay.. This one, and a lower torque one. I'm more inclined to get the lower torque one, as it's much faster. This 320Kg one (directly coupled to the steering column) would be pretty sluggish even under no load.

The torque on the lower one is still above the giant servos. Also worth noting... The specs on these typically are with 24V unless otherwise specified.

I plan on doing a test, time permitting, where I'll be putting my F150 in a box of sand/kitty litter (or something to simulate typical non-pavement load), with a typical weight in it, and put my digital torque wrench on the steering column, and spin it back and forth at a rate I want the wheels to actuate. I'll then just look at the Max torque logged on the wrench.

I'm suspecting this ebay gb-servo will do the trick, and do it without getting hot.
By Sven37
Sorry for the late response....
I installed the 320kgcm servo from ebay. It works like a charm, a bit sluggish compared to someone turning the wheel as fast as they can, BUT it is fast enough for our use. Sidewalks, driveways, streets and grass.
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