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Adding R/C to your Powerwheels vehicles? Using R/C parts on your Powerwheels?
By Utinni
Hello Folks,

First time posting but long time follower and pumped to build (Of course without frying components)

Would you have any recommendations on Spongebob power wheels setup? This would be my first build and I'm looking for guidance.

Overall main goal RC setup: going forward and steering the vehicle. (nothing fancy, such as Reverse).

I started gathering a list of things need to build (bit lost & missing items).

1x 2" Stroke 150 lbs Force Linear Actuators with Potentiometer Feedback (FA-PO-150-12-2)
1x Linear Actuator Control Board (LAC)
1x LAC board case
1x Radio Control
1x Seat harness

*** Keep thinking I might be able to get away with simple setup using 1/4 Servo used on 1/5 Losi RC but make it electric****

Vehicle Spec
Age 1-3
Maximum Weight: 40 lb (18 kg)
Speed: 2.5 Mph
6-volt battery

Thank you for listing,

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By Utinni
Look for some help with Battery.

Can I use Power Wheels 6V 4.0ah by Fisher Power (Blue Battery) with this equipment?

Mamba Max Pro ESC
Manual states:
5,000mah, 30 C Continous

CC BEC Pro (switching Regulator)
12S (50.4 Volts) Max Input
20 Amp Max output
4.8 to 12.5 Volts Adjustable Output


I was speaking with someone from ( about battery and equipment listed above. They had told me I could use the Power Wheels 6V 4.0ah by Fisher Power (Blue Battery) with the equipment as long as I turn off the low voltage cut off on the unit.

Can anyone confirm this?

Thank you
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