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Adding R/C to your Powerwheels vehicles? Using R/C parts on your Powerwheels?
By Laxman01883
Starting off that I am new to modifying things like this, but I have access to all kinds of electrical and automation supplies (Electrical Distributor with Rockwell Automation). We just had my son and my father-in-law bought him the Kid-Traxx CAT Bulldozer. I instantly thought that it would be fairly easy to make R/C since there is no steering wheel. The unit works like a true piece of machinery with each wheel being controlled with a forward/neutral/reverse signal. Think tracked vehicle, or kind of like a skid loader. I want it to have a selector switch so that it can run in normal mode or r/c mode so that he can drive as he reaches the right age. I volunteer as a coach for special needs hockey, and if I can make this work then there is a lot of potential for making similar toys for other kids in our area. I understand wiring theories and can probably draw up a wiring diagram, but have no clue how to setup a system to take over the machine remotely. Any advice/help would be greatly appreciated.

Where could I find a manufacturer's wiring diagram (if such thing would exist)
Suggestions on control boards/controllers
Would a second battery be necessary?
There is a safety pedal (like a gas pedal) that needs to be pushed for movement. Can I cut that out in r/c mode but not in manual mode?
Other thoughts

I will dig into other threads, but I'm hoping some of you can point me in the right direction.

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By skinnyR1
Sounds like what you want to do is achievable. Be aware of the quality of the hand controls on that unit though. The switches are quite fragile and not of good quality. The contacts springs and ball eventually wear that make up the assembly and what you end up with is a toy that only goes in circles. Fyi

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