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Adding R/C to your Powerwheels vehicles? Using R/C parts on your Powerwheels?


Great ride on car for a child and equally entertaining for adults who wants to play along through remote control operation.
• Our ride on car comes with (2) 12V motors and features two speeds: 2mph and 4mph.
• Comes with a forward/backward switch, MP3 Aux jack and cable with built-in speakers, and remote control for wireless operation.
• Adjustable seatbelt to keep your child safe as they ride around in their brand new car
• Includes working headlights, horn, musical tunes, and FM Radio

Wonder if they are worth $200 or junk?


2 weeks ago I got a Jaguar F-Type 12V RC car from Amazon for my 20 month old son, and so far I am very satisfied.
Awesome finish and detailing (the paint is truly beautiful), mechanics are a little disappointing but if it lasts a couple years I'll be happy.
niggles: seems to strain more than it should going up even a very slight incline. LED volt gauge on the dashboard dips down into the mid/low 11s under load on a fresh charge. Maybe because of the rather small 7aH battery?
Remote steering is indeed not proportional. A very brief tap on the left or right buttons move the front wheels about 1/2 way from straight to full lock so keeping it on a narrow sidewalk, even in 1st or 2nd speed requires almost constant button tapping.
There's a switch on the dash for "RC" or "Manual" mode. RC mode disables the throttle switch, but the kid can still steer if he/she yanks on the wheel hard enough.
For $290 it really is a great looking and fairly well built car. Padded, stitched vinyl seat, 5 pt harness (I removed the shoulder belts and moved the lap belt attachment points back a few inches), firm rubber tires, working radio (picks up ~20 stations very well) and MP3 player, opening doors and trunk, bright LED tail and headlights, etc.
I cut floor mats from think carpet, painted the underside matte black, installed a second speaker for better horn and radio sound, and tightened up the steering linkage a little.
It is only intended for 1 driver/rider but 2 small kids can be squeezed in.
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