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Adding R/C to your Powerwheels vehicles? Using R/C parts on your Powerwheels?
Hi everyone Im looking for a bit of advice, I am starting a project to upgrade my daughters ride on, its a fairly cheap Chinese VW golf (Pictures to follow when I get a chance) and the performance of it is to be perfectly honest pretty rubbish!! Anyway the components in it are the cheapest of the cheap and I have basically decided to rip most of it out and just keep the frame, shell and wheels and completely rebuild the electronics. Now I have a reasonable understanding of electronics as I used to tinker with RC cars and other such things in my youth but I am a bit rusty so I thought I would come on here for a bit of advice.
Now I have ordered in my new components for the RC setup and I am content how to wire it all up as a stand alone RC vehicle (see attached picture) Please ignore the 24v bit and the fact it only has one motor! The plan is to keep it 12v (For now anyway!!) the basic diagram was 'borrowed' from the manual for a 24v ESC.
planned RC Wiring setup
wiring.JPG (18.06 KiB) Viewed 1133 times
Now I am also fairly happy with how to wire up the stand alone manual setup as posted in the forum below: ... IC_ID=2236

My problem comes in how to essentialy wire the 2 together to allow the easy switching between the 2. Does anyone have any wiring diagrams or any advice they can offer.

Any help is most appreciated.

Many thanks,


One question, have you already bought the parts?

If you have them bought I can recommend a 12v remote control plate for two motors with soft start and progressive speed.

From the outline you've put, I have no idea!
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Rob222 Thanks for that.


What Power Supply?

The motors are definitely not 24V. I'm going to sw[…]

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