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Adding R/C to your Powerwheels vehicles? Using R/C parts on your Powerwheels?
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By xzibit190
I'm looking to buy my daughter a Power Wheels Ford F-150 12-Volt for x-mas but would love to have RC controls. Has anyone done this or is it easy to do? I've never done anything like this but any help or steering in the right direction for maybe something similar is good too. She'll be turning 3 in January and we'd give it to her this x-mas just for a bit of info. ... o/36221558

Since you haven't purchased it yet my suggestion is just to buy a ride-on that already has a remote. Here is a website that sells quite a few with options for both boys and girls though no F150's that I know of. ... s-199-410/

However, should you choose to go the route of adding RC functionality here's a thread to get you started:

Awesome!! Exactly up our alley and purchased one of the Jeeps, they do have a new F150 type which is pretty cool. I'd love to be able to add some additional lights if anyone knows how to do that.
Lights are fairly easy but my question is what kind of lights are you looking for? Headlights? Taillights? Lightbar? Ground lighting? Something to keep in mind you're only going to get a little over an hour of run time with the existing battery so it may be worth either adding a second one or running the lights on a different battery. Also any modifications could, and probably will, void your warranty. That being said from what I can tell if you bought one of those Jeeps I think they already come with headlights and taillights though I could be wrong so it really boils down to what kind of lighting are you looking for. If the Jeep doesn't have any existing lighting here's some info.

Here's my son's Raptor with headlights: ... 8bHucllj20

Here's the links to the parts I ordered:
Lamps - ... UTF8&psc=1
Sockets - ... UTF8&psc=1
Switch - ... UTF8&psc=1
Taillights - ... UTF8&psc=1

I'm assuming the Jeep you got has a location for both headlights and two spotlights on the front bumper? If so put lights in both. It may require you to take the Jeep apart to a degree as you'll need to remove the front bumper and grill. For mine I removed the headlamp and drilled a hole for the lamp socket right where the lamp should sit.
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