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Have you added running lights? Headlamps? Perhaps some spinners?
By atxmember
Hey guys. I am new here and just posted my first Mod this past week. Please check it out and let me know what you think.

White Tiger C7 Z06

My next mod I would love to add some led's. Like many others here I am not an electrician and do not fully understand the wiring process. I understand cutting and pos and neg but when adding multiple items I can get overwhelmed. If anyone would like to offer a diagram or help that would be greatly appreciated. I will state basically what I am wanting to do and what parts I have already. Thanks for looking and adding any advice you may have. I have read other forums on this topic and have learned some before asking here. So I did find this...

But I am hoping somebody here can lay out a diagram or plan for me to follow with my needs in mind. So I want 2 Headlights, 2 Spot/Driving lights, 4 Red Brake lights, and maybe a On/Off Kill Switch for whole car. I have: All LED lights, one 20A kill switch, 30A Auto Relay, Bridge, and Wires. Now I need help/plan/advice.


Depends how complicated you want to go ;) I may suggest starting basic, a lead from your battery to an inline fuse, to your switch, to all your LEDs in parallel, and the combined grounds back to your battery. They will dim a bit while the vehicle is moving, but, it's easy, and you can upgrade it further down the road :)
Thanks for the reply toycrusher. I will try this if I can't get anyone to supply me with a diagram or further assistance. I am not sure why they will dim with this method?? I have all the parts to do it correctly I think. except the inline fuse. can get that easily though.

I know there are others here that know a lot about this kind of thing. Hook a fella up plz. :?: :?
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Hey... That's my pic! ;)

What do you mean by, "Bridges"?

I'll whip you up a diagram, no sweat. Like toycrusher said, how far do you want to go with this?

Wiring is easy. If you can play connect the dots, you can wire. It's the same thing but with wires instead of crayon. Don't overthink it. ;)
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Ha. That's funny that it's your pic. See I did do some homework. But I still get the terminology wrong. Im calling it a bridge but I think its actually called a terminal block. I do remember how to play connect the dots. A diagram where that is basically all I have to do would be awesome. :D Like I had said before I have 2headlights(2x3" led squares), 4brake lights(small red led), 2spot/driving led bulbs,1 on/off kill switch, terminal block, relay, and wire. 8-)
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How many switches? Using a separate battery for lights? Want to do a voltage boost to the motors while you're in there?

I do recommend a separate lighting battery with all that stuff. Or at least double up your drive batteries.

You tell me what you want and I'll try to make it understandable.
Ok cool. I have one main kill switch 20A. Then I have 5 toggle switches. I want 1 for headlights and 1 for brake lights. Headlight and driving led bulb can be on same switch. If I need to use separate battery I have a 6V from a smaller vehicle I can use. I don't want to up the "power" just yet. It is his first PW and I want him to get used to it first. I do want to up the power later on though. Whatever you can recommend I would be interested in giving it a shot. Thanks. getting excited to try this. and nervous :| :)
Ok. Sorry this took so long and I didn't get to it this past weekend like I had thought. Thanks for the patients. Here is a web list of items that I ordered from Amazon. I forgot the toggle switches for the dash. Would like one for front lights and one for brake lights.

Fog/Driving lights


headlight and brake light switches

Main Power switch

Four of these red brake lights ... IN_RSLT_PG

Whatever you think I am able to do please inform me.
Have you already purchased all these items?
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This is a very basic diagram but hopefully you get what I'm saying...
Untitled.png (24.3 KiB) Viewed 4947 times
Each one of your lighted switches will need a ground for the LED inside. Those are the switches labeled 'Front' and 'Rear'. Each one of those goes to a section of the terminal block (here forth referred to as 'TB' to save typing because I'm lazy) You can jump that connection with a small piece of wire to a neighbor terminal. That essentially gives you two outputs although you may be able to get more than one wire in each terminal.

Take your GND and run it to the TB and run jumpers to as many slots as you need as shown above. ALL of your grounds will connect there.

For your front positive wires, connect them all to the TB sections controlled by the 'Front' switch. Rear + wires to the 'Rear' TB sections.

You should be fine with a 10A fuse. If you're running all this off your drive battery, just splice off the main terminal and use a 10A fuse before the main power switch.

Does any of this make sense? :?
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Okay. Here's a new one with your volt meter I forgot about.

The top 3 strips of your TB are all Ground.
The next one down is main power.
Then you have front and rear after that. You can customize this to suit your needs, I'm just showing a possibility.

I changed some colors to reduce confusion.
Crap... and I forgot the ground wires for your LED switches. You get it though right?
Untitled.png (31.28 KiB) Viewed 4945 times
AWESOME Man!!! :D :shock: ;)

I believe I can follow this diagram. May need to get more wire. Thank you soo much. Maybe I will get items together this weekend and have a go. Probably will not hook everything up but will atleast get all items laid out and accounted for. I will be sure to take pics of my disaster. I mean project. Time to warm the glue gun up.
:? Lmao. It's not the same as soldering? :lol:

I have a ton of the bullet and butt connectors I plan on using. and some open end connectors for the terminal block. The glue will be used to hold the leds and whatever else in place. I need to pick up 2 toggle switches from auto parts store since I forgot to include those in the last order I made.

Thanks again for diagram. Will help tremendously.
OK, I know im going slow but it is real hard to find time to mess with this right now. I finally got started at the least last weekend. Here are just a couple of pics to show what I started on and to prove that I am going to use the diagram eventually ;)

Here are the spot lights. Headlights will be seperate leds.

Here is the main kill switch with volt meter
Ok. I am almost done finally. Thanks again CJB for the diagram. It was instrumental in the completion of this project although I did get a little confused halfway through it. :? I was unsure which part of the toggle switch went to the block and splitting wires from 1 into 2 was new to me also. I will admit that there was probably an easier way to connect some of the wires but it is working as of now. I need to clean up and tuck away all the extra wires hanging around. When the main kill switch is on the volts show 12.7. When all lights are on the volts show 12.5. Should I be worried about anything or will this affect the cars run time at all? Thanks. Here are a couple of pics of the lights and switches.

Headlights and spotlights. The spot lights are bright so they overtake the headlights a bit.

Brake lights

Kill switch with volt meter

Share y'alls thoughts good and bad. :)

Headlight and brake light switches
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Looks real good! Current draw from the lights will knock the battery voltage down a bit. If it becomes a noticeable problem just rewire your lights to a separate battery. I think you'll be OK though.

Did you learn anything? Your next build will be that much smoother now.
Thank you.

Wonder if all lights would run off of a 6v battery. I have one laying around with a charger. :idea:

I did learn a bunch actually. I would do some things different next time if there will be a next time. I was nervous about cutting holes for switches and wiring when I first started. Next time I will just punch that hole without a second thought. The glue gun does not fit in small spaces very well and I was close to being burned one too many times :| I will take the wheels off completely the next time I have a paint project or wiring needs to be routed. The "square led block" that I ordered was too small for what I wanted and the wires are very thin. Hope they last cause part of them are exposed under the headlights. And my wife thinks im silly but I blinded her with his headlights in the dark garage. :shock: 8-)
I enjoyed doing this and would like to do another or more later on. My son say's it's cool. And now I have a diagram and some basic knowledge and skills for next job. I seen a pink escalade on craigslist. Hmmm.... ;)

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