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Have you added running lights? Headlamps? Perhaps some spinners?
By Ajenk
I just bought my boys the Ranger. I would like to add headlights, tail lights and lights to the three roll cage lights. I will probably add some kind of strobe lights as well. I would like to have them all hooked up to a separate battery instead of the one powering the vehicle.Can anyone help direct me on what lights to use and also how to wire it all up. Doing this kind of stuff is not necessarily my area of expertise.

Thank You in advance.

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By toycrusher
Click on my projects link in my signature and you can read through my Rzr build. Then, you can copy me, or come up with better ways to do it ;)
By jiggyk4
I did my sons rzr this spring and can take some pic of how i did mine too if you would like i bought cats eye leds off ebay andjust drilled holes in the light housings front and back to mount. For the bar/brush guard lights i used plexiglass to go in housing and drilled hole for the led whick worked perfect. Had to trim the cover a little but no big deal. I ran all wires Underneath drivers seat and installed battery and terminal block for wires.
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