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Have you added running lights? Headlamps? Perhaps some spinners?
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By DrivingToGrandma's
Hey everyone. This weekend I because the proud owner of a Barbie powerwheels jeep with a fake raido that has a "cd" attached for $30. I'm not looking to make it to much faster, though the speed freak in me wants to, my daughter is only 7 monts old and i have plenty of time to fix this up. Apparently I need a new battery, and i want to add a real radio and speakers to it. I already have some ideas on how to do that. what would you guys suggest for lights, horns, and other mods while keepingit 12v?
By 6772owner
Welcome, there are a lot of ideas here that will help your build. Most people are using LED lights of many different types for the headlights/taillights. I personally use pre-made types of LED's off of E-Bay or from Super Bright LED's. Check out my build for examples, I also installed a radio and speakers in the Escalade. The Jeeps seem to be more of a challenge due to the depth of the dash, but there are motorcycle radios that you can use as well.

I hope this helps.
By Suburbancharlie77
Due to space restriction, and product durability and flexibility of media, I've been eyeballing a pop can size marine radio, you can buy it alone, or with either one or two pair of speakers @ $10 a speaker, everything is "water resistant" due to marine, and it's got Bluetooth connectivity, as well as USB, with auxiliary RCA inputs. It is a "PLANET AUDIO" model "PGR35B" and the radio alone is $79 online, but it specs out at
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But as soon as I determine the actual factual final car to pimp out, I think I'm gonna go this route as a virtual stupid proof unit. Plus with the Bluetooth, you can jam to mother goose club, Barney, or the Elmo slide to get your child to love your new MOD hobby, oops, I mean the new jeep. I've read all over for reviews, mainly bezel fade, a defective unit, and "not powerful enough" (it is 240 watts 4 (speakers) X 60 watts per channel) but for a child, in a tiny car, it sure aught to be plenty! Besides, that guy didn't say what size boat he had, it could have been a 35' for all know. The unit had a good share of rave reviews, but as I said, I'd be getting it for water resistance, Bluetooth, and at $10 a speaker it's hard to beat it! Meanwhile I've been using a Walmart purchased "SCOSCHE" brand unit, the size of 3 books of matches that has a headphone jack on it, plugs into phone or MP3 player, and sends a nearby FM signal picked up by these crummy radios, you choose 88,90,106, or 107 .1,.3,.5,.7, or .9 for your best reception. I think it was like $20 a few years ago, uses 2 AAA batteries, and definitely does the job. I don't let mine get far enough away from me that it looses range, but due to bogus antenna now I'm testing it, and I get about 20'. When she's cruising the yard, I usually put my phone in the car while she does her loops. It's also nice to "take away control" as my daughter tends to be quite the distracted driver and hunt for a song she likes, and now on walks, working off my phone, we listen to "daddy music"! It's a sanity saver ;-)

Planet Audio PGR35B
General Features:

Planet Audio PGR35B Bluetooth Gauge Hole Receiver
Class AB 4 ohm stable amplifier
Power Output:
Peak: 60 watts x 4 channels
RMS: 40 watts x 4 channels
Frequency Response: 20 - 25,000 Hz
Marine IPX6 Rated
7 Channel Weather Band Selections
Maximum Current Consumption: 15A
3-way protection circuitry (thermal, overload, and speaker short protection)
Chassis Dimensions: 0.79" D1 x 3.75" D2 x 3.5" W
Authorized Internet Dealer
1-year Manufacturer's Warranty
Playback and Audio Features:

Rear USB Port for USB Playback
1A Charging (only), does NOT support Phone Device playback
Rear Auxiliary Input
AM/FM tuner with 12FM/6AM presets
3.5mm Front Audio Auxiliary Input
2 Sets of 2V preamp outputs (front and rear/subwoofer)
Bluetooth Features:

Built-in Bluetooth technology for audio streaming
Bluetooth Profiles Supported:
A2DP: Advanced Audio Distribution Profile allows high quality audio to be streamed from an audio device to the car stereo
AVRCP: Audio/Video Remote Control Profile supports basic remote control functions (play, pause, etc) via Bluetooth
Works with most Bluetooth enabled cell phones

Lemme know what you end up going with, and as far as lights, as mentioned, led's are battery savers, and cheap. Again Walmart has some to, and it's easiest to stick with 12 volt, and for light strips, I just got some "TYPE S" brand kits from auto zone, they have a 4 channel optical remote switch, and they can control up to 12' of their strips, have color changing strips, solid colors strips, different"mode controllers", come in various length, 3M adhesive backed, and you can cut them if needed. A bit pricey, $20 a kit, but it doesn't take much, and I prefer buying things where when I have a problem I can reach over the counter to choke someone, I don't do well over the phone, and you can't stop someone from hanging up! Good luck, and enjoy the addiction =)
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By wired
Round LED light panels fit well under the stock headlight lenses and a couple of pieces of red LED strip lighting works great for tail lights. Search EBAY for 12v MP3 or USB radios and there are multiple options on the cheap. If you need any lighting parts just post an ad in the wanted section or shoot me a PM. If I don't have what you want I will point you in the right direction.
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By Trav1s
I used some red and amber clearance lights from OReilly for taillights and front running lights . Used a 3/4 spade bit to drill the holes, inserted the rubber grommet in the hole, and then the light assembly in the grommet. They were not the cheapest but were available and easy to install.[…]

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