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Have you added running lights? Headlamps? Perhaps some spinners?
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By SVerdell
First time modifier and hoping for lots of advice! :-) We are in the process of upgrading our son's Ford Raptor to a fire truck with new paint job, custom decals, new accessories, headlights, emergency strobe lights and a siren. I have been on this site reading through threads for a good couple of weeks and feel like I have a decent idea of where to start.

We have taken everything apart, scoured the body and parts, cleaned with alcohol and painted multiple light coats of Krylon banner red. We have ordered a set of 54 red/white LED flashing strobe lights, LED headlights, the fire truck siren and 4" speaker from the train supply site referenced often, and the accessories from Tiger Imports. So far so good. We have an electrician who is going to wire everything for us, I don't want to blow my children up with faulty wiring on their first ride.

First question, we have an extra 12V battery that wouldn't hold a charge long enough to use on the truck any longer. Can we expect to use it to power all of the LEDs and siren? We have a new battery coming for the actual truck.

Next question, should we mess with a clear coat over the gloss spray paint? Will it ultimately help protect the paint enough to be worth it? And if we decide to go with a "tough" bedliner type spray cover on the bed/floorboards, what is recommended?

Any tips on mounting the LED emergency lights would be appreciated. We haven't thought about placement yet.

I'll be posting updates as we progress. Thanks for the help, we can certainly use the tips!
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By toycrusher
Great plan for your project. Just to start you off I would suggest a new battery for your accessories. You can get a 5 ah battery for under $20 most of the time
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By powerrush
Looks great so far, Let me know if you need help with decals, I did the ones below on my son's Raptor.
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