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Have you added running lights? Headlamps? Perhaps some spinners?
building f150 for my 3 yr old. I have already painted it. I am now getting ready to install a set of 4 color changing halo rings with controller, and a bunch of 9watt leds I also plan to build a small box to attach to the underside of the truck that will hold 4 6 inch round pyle brand marine audio speakers with a small marine audio amp. with a wet sounds Bluetooth modulator. Looking for suggestions for batteries. The goal is for my son to be able to drive the truck doesn't have to be super fast, listen to the radio full blast and have lights going for maybe 1-2 hours at a time. We go to mardi gras parades which he drives it and has fun. by the way all lights, and sound came from amazon. Trying to keep the wiring and charging simple as possible. Thanks in advance. Phillip
Is the driveline 6v or 12v?

If it's 12 you could use one battery and tap off of it for the accessories. If it's 6 you will need two batteries one 6v for the drivetrain and one 12v for accessories.

If you have a 6v drivetrain you could upgrade to a 12v battery and increase the speed. It is lots of fun for the kids but I'm not sure it would be a good pace for a parade.

The box you build to house all your components could be self contained and removable with its own internal rechargeable battery. It could then be put on only for special occasions to keep the weight and power requirements down. It's been awhile since I've done car audio but that amp might have some steep power requirements and it could need a pretty heafty battery for 2hrs of runtime. (Not including the vehicle power to run for 2hrs)
From how I'm imagining it: say average you are running at 200watts of power (not full volume), 200w / 12v = 16.67amps

You don't want to run a battery to completely dead for battery longevity. So you would need at least an 18-20ah battery just to run the amp for an hour. Those numbers may vary based on how loud the music is and I'm sure the amplifier has some power losses internally so that amperage number may be higher. That battery is pretty large and heavy for a single seater. Not to mention you would still need a drive battery in around the same size/capacity for 1-2 hours of continuous driving. Those batteries are also rated at the power being pulled off slowly over 20 hours, they die much faster when power is pulled quickly from them at high amperage.
It's all about the space you have to put batteries into. A couple of the 10ah SLAs will be cheaper than that kinetic battery. But you have to bust out the tape measure and see what will fit. Along with the space under the hood, maybe there is some space under the seat or if there is any bed area in the back.

Lifepo4 batteries are always an option, just a pricy one! They are lighter and more compact, so you can fit more power into a smaller space. There is always a way it just may require more time and money.
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