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Dune Racer LEDs & Stereo

PostPosted:Sat Apr 22, 2017 11:15 pm
by mjdolan2
Hi all. New to modding power wheels and have some questions on wiring.

I purchased 3 6v batteries to run the motors and would like to use the "old" 12v battery to run my accessories (stereo & LEDs)
The speakers I am looking at are 140W Max/70RMS, and rated at 4 ohms.
I would like to run an amplifier with no head unit, are any of the following good choices?

For LEDs I am looking at the following:

Can I run this all off of one terminal block???

I want to have a switch for the stereo, and one for all the lights. I see these as well as the terminal block are rated on amps, however I am clueless as to how much amp rating I need.

Thank you for the assistance.

Re: Dune Racer LEDs & Stereo

PostPosted:Sat Jul 01, 2017 2:57 am
by twisterdude1009
I would say no. Im in the process of adding speakers to my big jeep project. I looked up and down at options. I have decided to build my own blue tooth speaker box with 5-1/4 full range speakers, and 8 inch subwoofer, and a 8 inch passive radiator.
The reason I say no to all of those is the power draw and the suckiness of the reviews.
I would go with Douk Audio Upgraded 50W+50W Wireless Bluetooth 4.0 Hifi Audio Receiver With this you get a Bluetooth Wireless Connection. This allows any smart device to wireless connect to it. If you want a hard wired connection with an option for bluetooth then this is for you SMAKNĀ® TPA3116 2.1CH 2*50W+100W+Bluetooth Receiver. This amp also gives you the option to add a subwoofer down the road =P.
You might have noticed that these can be powered by a range of of voltages up to 25 Volts. The thing is with these amps, you dont have to run them off the car power wheels battery. The higher the voltage to the maximum the better quality sound (louder levels with less distortion). On both of these amp boards you can power them with smaller batteries (AA, AAA, C, and D's it would take 16 batteries to reach 24 Volts. That is a lot of batteries but on the flip side if it died and you had a screaming child wanting it, you could just toss some regular batteries in there instead of rechargeable batteries. You could also run it with lithium ion batteries. I wouldnt do this do to moving vehicle with a child driving it and wouldnt want an explosion to happen.
IMO the best way is to have a lead just for the amp off the 12 volt acc battery and run it through this DROK 150W DC Boost Converter Power Module. From what Im reading both pull under 4 amps, and that step up can handle up to 8 amp if you throw a fan on top of it or solider better heat fins. Both of those amps sound great and are quality products. :D

Re: Dune Racer LEDs & Stereo

PostPosted:Sun Jul 02, 2017 8:45 pm
by twisterdude1009
In reference to my first post about lithium ion batteries. As long as you have a proper charger and protect them from over voltage you should be safe.
As far as amps go, I dont know the draw of this amp but I would think if you dont have it max and keep the levels at a decent level I would not think it would draw much.
I was gonna use the Smok board, but if your only gonna use 2 speakers then the previous 2 channel board I mentioned would work perfectly for you running it on 6 18650 batteries at 22.2 volts and it should last long with 2400mah capacity.
However, if you want to add a sub to your setup then this should work if you have the space. The Smok board is 35 on amazon and for 10 dollars more you could get crunch PX1000.4 Power Amplifier. 4 channels with decent power. See this amp you can run channels 1 & 2 to the full range speakers and then bridge channels 3 & 4 and run it to a subwoofer. Like I said I dont know the amp draw on this amp, so I dont know how long it will run before a battery dies. Im getting paid my bonus check in two weeks and Im ordering it and the speakers to go with it and Im gonna test out the draw at different levels. I will have a 50-75AH battery just for my accessories on my jeep.

Re: Dune Racer LEDs & Stereo

PostPosted:Sun Jul 02, 2017 8:46 pm
by twisterdude1009
I should mention you dont need a head deck for this amp. You can wire a toggle switch to turn it on and you can use a 3.5mm female jack to be the input for your audio.