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Have you added running lights? Headlamps? Perhaps some spinners?
Hey guys, to start off, first-time poster and modder! I actually had no clue this was even a thing until I stumbled onto a cheap power wheel and thought a had a genius idea about modding it, but soon found I've been late to the trend for a while now :lol: . Anyway, I purchased a BMW i8 Concept from a thrift shop across from my work and decided I wanted to make it a "Show Car" to match mine for my girlfriend's son. I plan on making led headlights and tail-lights, lowering it, underglow, making a front splitter & side skirts, and finally wrapping it to match my promo car (I own a small vinyl business).

I have started the process by lowering the car. I have only been able to figure out the front, the rear seems tricky since the axle/motor don't seem to be able to move. Which is where I begin looking for advice. Anyone know how to lower the rear of an i8? I'm pretty handy and can probably fab something up but I'd like to see what others have done, or if anyone can just explain, to me, a process on how to do this? Also trying to find some different wheels to throw on this thing to fill out the fenders. If anyone knows where to buy some that would be helpful. I've looked around but all I could find are stock power wheels, wheels.

Here are some pictures to start things off and will update as progress is made! Thanks for any help!!!
18745237_1310114515709886_574912668_o.jpg (104.36 KiB) Viewed 1437 times
Before Lowering the front
18742289_1310114409043230_747431479_o.jpg (115.58 KiB) Viewed 1437 times
After Lowering the front
18789366_1310114475709890_1507437657_o.jpg (138.33 KiB) Viewed 1437 times

Welcome, you should be able to raise the rear axle fairly easily, you just need to cut out the tub to allow teh gearboxes to sit higher and then add some kit of support to hold the axle. The common think I have noticed is a piece of angle iron on each side with holes drilled at the new axle loaction.

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