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Have you added running lights? Headlamps? Perhaps some spinners?
This is my first build. I combined two identical power wheels that I found on the side of the road. The were metal framed Super Sound Jeeps from around 1994.

I took the rear wheels off one and mounted them on the front of the other Jeep and built a custom cross member to support everything. Had to extend the front axles out to take the motors and wheels and also had to make them taller to fit in with the lift.

For the lift I used 6" springs I got out of pocket bike shocks. The springs are functional for the kids but bottom out when I sit in it. Had to extend the height of the rods in the back as well to support the lift.

I added LED headlights from amazon and six 3/4" read and orange markers on the front and sides before adding tail lights. All the wiring is covered in black loom so it looks clean.

The the wiring for the front motors are split into the circuits for the left and right sides. I added a large lock out switched I happened to have as well as a voltage display.

The battery has been upgraded to a mobility scooter batter that is 35Ah which I had to modify the under hood area to take. I added a fuse panel for lights and other circuits I plan to add. (note battery in the picture is not the final battery)

I painted the whole thing black and did custom decals with a vinyl cutter I have access to. The windshield has been replaced with a new laser cut piece (again had access to the laser cutter).

The wheels are covered in lugs from an actual turf tire that I cut up on a band saw and then drilled and screwed 45 lugs to each tire significantly improving the traction.

With the four motors, lights and the new battery it lasted about an hour and a half for the kids. When fully charged I could get it to climb 6" curbs.
4x4 Build1.jpeg
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I can't tell from the pictures. How did you get it to steer?
Its a stock rod that goes from the steering wheel to the center link which is located and the original location in relation to the body. I have narrowed the center link itself and made spindles that are longer to accept the motors and wheels.

I used 1" square tubing for a cross member in the front. The shocks rest on it and line up with the stock body mounts and the spindles are about 1 1/2" in toward the middle and the extend up and connect to the stock pitman/idler arms. I tried bolting them but ended up welding them so the would stop slipping.

It works fine when moving but the additional grip on the tires makes it hard to turn when not moving. We have since stripped the plastic steering wheel and made a metal one that is put on with a keyway and key.

I am going to be building another jeep ( 1996 Barbie Beach Party) just like this one in the fall and one of the things I am looking to do is make the steering better with some tie rods ends and a fixed steering shaft.

I went through my pics but couldn't find a detailed pic and its at my buddy's house right now. Next time I am there I will take some pics.
Ok cool. Steering is always the hardest part. It's tempting to go with an electric actuator or a hydraulic setup but neither come cheap.

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