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Have you added running lights? Headlamps? Perhaps some spinners?
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By truwebs
Hey Folks...
Been quite awhile since I have posted. Thought I would share an Instructable of how I boosted the power of our 4 wheeler thanks to the information provided here.

To give a twist to the boost we ran a little experiment to see what the speed increase would be moving from 12v to 24 volt.
Check out the project and give a vote for the contests if you desire.

Project shows testing method and video.

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While I applaud the thorough write up I have to question the safety of a 24V system with 14AWG wire.

One thing a lot of people just don't get is the difference in current draw on pavement vs grass. While this setup may work fine and dandy on the sidewalk, I cringe to think of the temperature of the wiring on a grassy incline. This machine may not be so bad because of the tires but get an Escalade with wide flat tires on a grassy slope and see how that works. lol
Very interesting study.
Conversions from 12v to 24v seem more suitable to me with a variable speed PWM system.
I would recommend that you implement it. I think I remember from eby or aliexpress that there are potentiometers with a handlebar shape for your child's quad.
In this way the acceleration would be smoother and would prolong the life of the gearbox and make driving simpler.
But it's just a clear idea!
Regarding the comment of cjb, I would like to ask you which cable is more suitable.
CJB wrote:
pirsen wrote:Regarding the comment of cjb, I would like to ask you which cable is more suitable.

To each their own, but I personally wouldn't go less than 12 AWG on any wire that may see 30A.

I have read the specifications of the awg nomenclature of American electric cable.
And I have noticed that when the number is higher, the diameter of the cable is smaller. I did not know, I did not know it.

Here in Europe, awg is not used, and we usually refer to them by the section in square millimeters, (mm2).
For 30A in direct current I normally use 4mm2.

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