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Have you added running lights? Headlamps? Perhaps some spinners?
I am working on my first Powerwheels project and am obsessed with giving my son some realistic engine response noises. I've found a few threads that mention programmable buzzers, but found exactly what I wanted from an RC accessory from Sense Innovations called the ESS-One Plus.

1) At key-on, there is a "startup ignition" sound
2) Once on, and the throttle is not in use, it plays an "idling sound"
3) When the throttle is used, it plays an "engine/motor sound" that intensifies or softens depending on how hard the throttle is pushed
4) When the brake is used (ESC mod), it plays a "braking sound"
5) An auxiliary sound can be added (i.e., Horn, Gun fire, etc)

Below is a sample clip. Note that multiple engine noises are offered from race cars to crawlers to planes, etc: This begs a few questions though...

+ Can an RC accessory that uses LIPO batteries be converted to use a 12v SLA power source instead? I feel like this must be possible bc Ive found many articles about SLA equipment being converted to use LIPO sources...
+ If possible, the ESS-ONE wiring links to a "receiver"... can this get bypassed and wired into a key switch and throttle instead?

I'm convinced that this must be possible somehow bc I found this clip of the ESS-One on a Ride-on Toy. Its obviously not the "crawler" sound I'm looking for, but that can be easily swapped out as a free download. Unless this kid's Ride-on is using a LIPO battery source, he must be modded into a 12V SLA right? I'm a newb to electronics, so please feel free to school me. Here is the link to the ESS-One Plus user manual and spec sheet... can anyone help me make any sense of "if" and "how" a powerwheels mod is possible? ... 141125.pdf

Worst case scenario, I suppose i could just go the "programmable buzzer" route: ... R-/50-2992

It looks like i would probably need one at "key-on", and another at the "throttle", and possibly a third for a "brake", and fourth for a "horn"? At this point, we're looking at all these programmable buzzers costing more than the ESS-One Plus.

Please help.

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